irclog2html for blob on 2002.02.19

08:59:18seletzhi all
13:10:41amruthahai seletz :)
13:10:49que tal, seletz
13:11:34amruthaseletz: any idea where i can find suspend.S in the  linux kernel?
13:11:53amruthai want to invoke thgat command at the command line prompt
13:23:47seletzamrutha: hmm, IIRC there's a /proc entry for suspending, but i could be wrong
13:24:42seletzamrutha: suspens.S is no longer used IIRC, there was much change recently. Read the change logs on russels site.
13:25:30amruthaoh really? then how do you invoke sleep at command line prompt?
13:26:26amruthai could find suspend.S on 2.4.12 /proc/sys/pm
13:27:15amruthabut what i use 2.4.6. how do i port only suspend.S from 2.4.12 to 2.4.6?
13:27:16seletzamrutha: you do something like `echo "1" > /proc/sys/pm/suspend'
13:27:39seletzamrutha: you don't want to do that.
13:28:01seletzamrutha: use the kernel API of newer kernels
13:29:06amruthaseletz: but the problem is 2.4.6 ahs already been sufficiently modified to suit my upgrading to newer kernel is another one day's job which i don;t want to do.. :(
13:29:10seletzamrutha: the echo above worked the last time i checked, my board just didn't wake up, because i had no wakeup source programmed =)
13:29:37amruthaseletz: it works on mine :)
13:29:49seletzamrutha: "Do it right the first time" -- Herman the German
13:29:53amruthabut i want to port it back to 2.4.6
13:31:10seletzamrutha: you get _much_ benefit if you create patches russell accepts. You learn much. Your kernel will never be out-of-date. 42.4.6 id definitely.
13:32:14amruthaso..u suggest I upgrade to a newer kernel???
13:32:28seletzamrutha: back-porting such a thing as PM suspend/wakeup is not an easy task IMHO, if not completely impossible
13:32:32seletzamrutha: yup
13:33:43seletzamrutha: however, i don't say that this is easy either. But ists worth the effort IMHO. There are many "xyz-linux" kernels out there which are hoplessy out-of-date.
13:34:06amruthaseletz:hmm...okie. .. but i'm just curious to know what i would want to do if I have to backport the same.
13:34:41amruthai will have to rebuild the kernel wih the modified makefile?
13:35:18seletzamrutha: Look at the 2.5.2 series. The IRQ subsystem got rewritten due to SA11x0/Sa1111 irq problems. these problems do exist, but older kernels handle them incorrect.
13:36:35seletzamrutha: If your patch would have been accepted by rmk, you'd be on-top and coud directly benefit from the new apis and bugfixes. Now you consider back-portimg _features_ but how's about bug-fixes?
13:36:56seletzerikm: hi
13:37:02erikmreads back
13:37:31seletzgetting caffeine
13:38:13amruthahmm..i guess i shall land into more troubles if i start backporting now :(
13:38:17erikmamrutha: yup, seletz is right. backporting stuff to such an old kernel doesn't make any sense
13:39:09amruthahmm..okie.. guess i have changed my mind then.
13:39:26amruthathanx seletz :)
13:40:00seletzerikm: may i ask a off-topic sendmail question?
13:41:20seletzerikm: i use sendmail/fetchmail/procmail and mutt now. everything is fine _except_ that the From: line is wrong: instead of stefan.eletzhofer@....
13:42:07erikmseletz: add this to your .muttrc:
13:42:17seletzerikm: i tried to fix it using genericstable and/or userdb
13:42:24seletzerikm: ah, my_hdr?
13:42:27erikmmy_hdr From: Stefan Eletzhofer <stefan.eletzhofer@...>
13:43:00seletzhmmm, does'nt fill sendmail the From: header?
13:43:05seletzis confused
13:43:31erikman MTA is only required to set a From header if the MUA didn't set one
13:44:02seletzso sendmail messes it up because i didn't supply a correct one...
15:29:04prpplaguemorning/evening everyone
15:29:27prpplaguehope everyone is having a successful day at coding
15:37:08prpplaguehmm seletz is enocouraging this morning
15:52:09erikmprpplague: not really. too much other things
19:23:45prpplaguehowdy there AKIRA-away
19:24:34akirahowdy whateveryournickmaymean :)
19:26:02prpplagueakira: lol, purple plague, back in the days of quake, everyone always got the good colors, so i alway got purple, and i needed a nick that implied that i was to bring death upon the other plays, thus purple plague, however your only allowed so many chars on the quake nick and it became prpplague
19:29:58akirathat was a quite satisfying explanation :)
19:31:28prpplagueprobably more than you wanted to know,lol
19:34:22akira<g> nah i like to know what kind of people i'm conversing with, even in linux kernel or bootloader channels :]
23:19:13seletzhi again

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