irclog2html for blob on 2002.02.04

02:00:41Sammymorning all with sunshine :)
04:33:57lxrbot: recurse
04:34:19BZFlag: I forgot recurse
04:34:19BZFlagibot forget recurse
04:34:31bugger all, i dunno, bzflag
04:34:31BZFlagibot recurse is <reply> recurse?
04:34:57bzflag: bugger all, i dunno
04:34:57BZFlagibot, recurse is <reply> recurse\?
08:19:07seletzhi folks buner time....
10:19:46seletzSammy: hi
10:20:00Sammyhello seletz :)
10:20:53SammyI am going to buy a new cd burner ...
10:21:24Sammysee ya later :)
10:32:21erikmhands sammy proper software to burn CDs
12:27:00seletzerikm: hi erik
12:31:17erikmhello seletz
12:31:25erikmjust got a patch for Accelent IDP board
12:31:57seletzmany new boards ssupported by blob these days, eh?
12:32:30seletzrestoring borked jffs2 fs :(
12:33:03erikmwe're currently at 14 architectures
12:33:50seletzman, steep growth rate
12:36:23erikmyeah, 10 architectures since I moved blob to sourceforge
12:36:48erikmso that's approximately one new architecture every month
12:39:02erikmactually 1.5 new architecture/month
12:39:10akira|workhi :)
13:25:36seletzerikm: cool, seen the upload script from abraham?
13:25:55seletzhe just committed it
13:27:27erikmthere is a same kind of upload script from aleph1 and somebody else posted one on the LART list as well
13:27:49erikmgrr, lots of CVS conflicts :(
13:28:02seletzdoes a man stty
13:29:22akiraok folks i'm going to enjoy my post-examination free time now :)
13:30:13akiracyaz :)
14:09:09seletzerikm: woha! Russell finally applied my patches for my board! Wow!
18:11:02erikmpatch bombs the blob-cvs-commit mailing list
19:06:35seletzdoes someone here know about sa11x0 and interrupt handling in 2.4.16-rmk2?
19:08:22seletzok, going for the list, then :(
19:10:33prpplaguesorry seletz
19:11:36prpplaguei'm just getting my arm legs back(lol like the pun?)
19:19:21prpplagueseletz: you done anything with fb screen rotation?
19:19:56erikmprpplague: already handled by X framebuffer driver
19:21:08prpplagueerikm: ya i knew the newer X's supported it, but i didn't know where you could set the rotation on boot
19:21:26erikmprpplague: you can't
19:21:37erikmprpplague: rotation is policy, policy doesn't belong in kernel
19:22:04prpplagueerikm: gotcha
19:22:32prpplagueerikm: thanks
19:23:04seletzprpplague: i use QT, QT handles it
19:23:21seletzprpplague: its C++, tough
19:23:48prpplagueseletz: well now that uclibc supports c++ that shouldn't be an issue
19:24:13seletzprpplague: ah? Well, I'll have a look, then :)
19:24:31prpplagueseletz: a new toolchain should be posted by tomorrow
19:25:11seletzprpplague: qt is easy to try, btw. Just d/l qt/embedded and do a configure/make. That's it. then you'll have _plenty_ of examples.
19:25:46prpplagueseletz: thanks, will do, i've started shopping for a gui
19:25:54seletzprpplague: arm?
19:26:16prpplagueseletz: for 2 arm projects and one x86
19:35:59prpplaguewb guys
20:07:30seletzgetting some food
21:42:54prpplagueargh, i fell like i should be fasting and meditating to purge myself of this nasty x86 mentality
21:45:55seletzhi again

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