irclog2html for blob on 2002.01.27

01:21:42BZFlagwhy does blob-rest have a bunch of nulls at the end?
07:03:39BZFlaghmm... uuencode in another window does not work with devfs
08:27:49BZFlagI'm on 2.4.17 now with devfs and I can't get minicom and uuencode to coexist.
08:28:00BZFlagxdownload works fine, but download hangs
08:28:25BZFlagany idea why blob has a mess of null bytes on the end?
08:30:27BZFlagclose to 14k of nulls in fact.
10:04:10Russcheck the ld scripts
19:00:15seletzBzflag: Hi. Got annoyed by my bit change cmd? :)
19:00:49BZFlagjust one person too many asking me what bitch-g does.
19:01:14BZFlag"it that like BitchX?"... uh, no. duh.
19:01:46seletzwell, i'm not a english native...
19:02:15BZFlagno problem. I like the command, I just thought a rename was appropriate. you don't mind do ya?
19:02:56BZFlagchgbit will be tougher to confuse.
19:03:30seletznnono. I find it just quite amusing. I came up with that name and did not even _think_ about it's, erm, alter ego... :)
19:46:22Russsmack my bitchg up

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