irclog2html for blob on 2002.01.22

02:00:05Sammyhello :->
10:13:17erikmmorning, *
10:15:25seletzerikm: hi
10:40:46seletzerikm: does an insmod -m <module> segfault on lart too?
11:00:34erikmnot afaik
11:00:39erikmhaven't tried it, though
15:29:17prpplaguemorning everyone
15:41:35erikmhello prpplague
15:45:27prpplagueerikm: howdy, been larted this morning yet?
15:46:17erikmprpplague: /me usually larts people
15:46:36erikmprpplague: just gave a crash course writing IRQ handlers ;)
15:47:24prpplagueerikm: thats cool
15:47:32prpplagueis stuck in x86 hello
15:47:36prpplagueis stuck in x86 hell
15:47:49prpplaguei've not been larted in two weeks
15:48:06prpplaguei'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms

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