irclog2html for blob on 2002.01.10

15:35:39erikmhello RUsses
18:37:59erikmhiya Russ, prpplague, BZFlag
18:38:24prpplaguehowdy erikm
18:38:34prpplagueerikm: working hard or hardly working?
18:39:19erikmtrying to do something today, but got distracted by too many other urgent thing
18:45:54erikm(like getting the uni to host
19:01:30erikmall: please take care of the global notices from lilo
19:13:17prpplagueerikm: thanks for the reminder
19:13:48erikmprpplague: that's also why I OP'ed myself and set a channel limit
20:00:24erikmRuss, BZFlag: how do you two think about giving Chris Hoover CVS write access?
20:08:16BZFlagerikm: I'm all for enabling people to contribute.
20:08:38BZFlagcvs access can be revoked at anytime... ;-)
20:09:28BZFlagwhen I add people I send them basic ground rules. #1 don't leave cvs broken... etc. I prefer large changes to get reviewed first (well, when not done by a project lead)
20:10:00BZFlagthat's why I put Russ's jffs2 stuff up as a patch first. I've been meaning to incorporate your changes etc...
20:10:11BZFlagwith the Z release I've just been over-swamped.
20:10:27erikmBZFlag: ok.
20:10:43erikmBZFlag: well, I also get overswamped by his patches, and they all look OK to me
20:11:25erikmBZFlag: (what's the Z release, btw?)
20:11:38BZFlagagreed. it's a Good Thing to get patch review early on, then cvs write after they are shown to be on course. ;-)
20:12:08erikmBZFlag: sorry, for my ignorance, but what's zaurus?
20:12:46BZFlagoh, sorry.. Sharp Zaurus handheld. Lineo did the OS work, I'm now the kernel maintainer tasked with cleaning it up.
20:14:02BZFlagmuch talk in #zaurus. it's a sa1110 16M/32M for $400 (consumer will be 16M/64M) that includes a blueberry style keyboard.
20:14:12erikmlooks cool
20:14:27BZFlagit's nice. course no blob yet. =(
20:14:41BZFlagif I get jtag I will do a blob/jffs2 setup.
20:14:50erikmhehe :)
20:15:03erikmwhat bootloader do they use right now?
20:15:41BZFlagpartitions: angel monitor + cf updater + diag + kernel + cramfs + angel partiton table.
20:15:59Russ|werkBZFlag: don't forget about cramfs
20:16:14BZFlagblob with ide code + jffs2 would save close to 2M of flash.
20:16:29Russ|werkaltough, there are two alternate ways to load a kernel from cramfs
20:16:41Russ|werkeither a file within the fs, or an attached file
20:16:41erikmBZFlag: cool, let's do it :)
20:16:45BZFlagRuss|werk: I'd just convert to jffs2
20:16:59Russ|werkBZFlag: larger kernel, larger image, slower boot
20:17:30Russ|werkcramfs has a very near zero mount time
20:18:05Russ|werkit also comes with a crc for the entire image for free
20:18:23BZFlagthe Z is designed to be always on so boot time is not real relevant, and we want to get jffs2 working on SD cards so that needs to be there anyway
20:18:55Russ|werkif a uncompressed kernel is loaded from a cramfs, it will boot pretty quick
20:19:11Russ|werkjffs2 really doesn't make sense in production for me
20:19:20BZFlagagreed, but as I said not much of an issue.
20:19:40BZFlagI plan to have jffs2 mounted readonly for the consumer model. we'll see if it happens or not
20:19:57Russ|werkthen why not use cramfs?
20:20:02erikmBZFlag: I think that doesn't make sense. cramfs is much smaller
20:20:11Russ|werkerikm: not that much
20:20:13BZFlagI think the consumer should be able to remove opera and/or the JVM if they want to.
20:20:17Russ|werkerikm: 5-10%
20:20:40Russ|werkBZFlag: I'm talking about a device that has 2M of flash
20:20:55BZFlagah. agreed. the Z has 16M
20:21:13erikmRuss|werk: NESA has only 2M flash?
20:21:19Russ|werkerikm: production will
20:21:24Russ|werkthe prototypes have 4M
20:21:26erikmRuss|werk: 'k
20:21:40Russ|werkif we go for ICSA, we might put 16M-32M in there to store the logs
20:22:00BZFlagCF slot?
20:23:01Russ|werkno, just bigger flash chips
20:26:26BZFlagto work...

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