irclog2html for blob on 2002.01.09

04:05:27Sammygo lunch ...
05:37:46BZFlagtest ~btest
05:37:51BZFlagtest ~Btest
05:38:17BZFlagtest test1
05:38:50BZFlagthis is 4red1 and 3green1 text. just to bug you.
12:13:30Sammy* yawn*
12:13:39Sammygoes home
12:13:46Sammylater all...
14:33:14seletz_erikm: hi erik, finally back to real work :)
16:55:35seletz_akira|work: hi
18:02:08akira|workseletz: 20:00 still on ?
18:09:54seletz_akira|work: yup, 20:00 is still ok
18:12:03akira|workgonna prepare that mp3 list for u now...
18:12:44seletz_akira|work: ok, i'll tak my stuff from office. Got a CD too?
18:13:51akira|workwhat for ?
18:29:56seletz_oh-oh, late!
18:30:05seletz_prepares to leave
18:33:09seletz_bye, see you tomorrow ...
19:52:27erikmlooks through the lart acces_log
19:52:48erikmblob-2.0.5-pre2 downloaded by 31 people
19:53:19erikmhmmm:, interesting :)
19:54:54BZFlagno sharp yet? ;-)
19:55:25erikmmaybe on sourceforge, but I don't have access on the server logs over there
19:56:39erikmit could also be that they're in the hosts which name didn't resolve
19:57:29erikm61.72.98.108 traceroutes to korea, for example
20:00:24erikmhmm, also an interesting one that downloaded blob:
20:02:28erikmhello Russ
20:07:18erikmalso making ATM switches
20:11:54erikmoh, and
20:12:25erikmprobably for TI ARM stuff
20:16:37Russ|werkI currently have set up a cramfs on flash, and a journaled config that moves through the first two paramater blocks similar to jffs
20:16:54Russ|werkany clue how I would port that type of thing to DOC?
20:17:10Russ|werkI get the impression I can't use NAND flash in the same way
20:18:55Russ|werkerikm: are you getting copies of the development branch of PCB?
20:19:22erikmRuss|werk: which PCB?
20:19:51erikmRuss|werk: what do you mean with "parameter blocks similar to jffs"?
20:20:13Russ|werkharry eaton's pcb
20:20:30Russ|werkit has a node structure with a length, header crc, data crc, revision, and data
20:20:49erikmRuss|werk: sorry, I still have no clue about what pcb you mean
20:20:50Russ|werkkeeps writing one block until its full, then erases the next block, and starts writing that one
20:21:08Russ|werkthe GPL pcb design package
20:21:33erikmRuss|werk: sounds good. do you have an URL?
20:22:55Russ|werkthe page is temporily down, and the cache doesn't have the development version
20:22:58erikmRuss|werk: AFAIK DOC does its own block management
20:23:19Russ|werkerikm: so what do I do
20:24:04erikmwell, just use the logical blocks and leave it to DOC to do wear leveling?
20:24:40Russ|werkthe new version has auto routing, planned auto placement. strokes library
20:24:58Russ|werkerikm: wonder if its safe...
20:25:06Russ|werk(ie, it moving around my cramfs)
20:25:42Russ|werkand I want to revert to the previous config is the most recent is lost because of an incomplete write
20:26:04erikmfound an old copy of PCB on his disk (1.7.1 alpha)
20:26:40Russ|werkits what I used to design my board
20:26:47erikmthe NESA?
20:27:09Russ|werkas well as the ethernet board to go with
20:27:54Russ|werkdo you by chance have a large number (~75) low value resistors about (0.068Ohm)
20:28:33erikmI don't think so. I heard jdb complaining about the fact that farnell didn't have them
20:29:03erikm(farnell is one of the largest distribitors over here in .eu)
20:29:11Russ|werkya, going to have to buy a reel
20:30:09Russ|werk8000 instead of 75
20:30:26Russ|werkif you want to get a large number of those, it may be possible
20:30:56erikmsec, I'll ask jdb
20:31:31erikmgrr, not at home
20:31:38erikmsends him an email
20:37:38Russ|werkit'd be great to be able to offset that cost some
20:37:43Russ|werkor if he has a source
20:59:25seletz_homeerikm: still working??
20:59:46erikmseletz_home: not really working
20:59:59erikmseletz_home: I'm actually planning to go home right now
21:00:21seletz_homewell, then hav a nice, erm, day ...
21:01:30erikmlistenss "marche funebre" by chopin while he reads that the last commercial UNIX on x86 died
21:01:50erikmsolaris x86 is dead:
21:02:03seletz_homeerikm: slashdot had it too
21:02:26erikmseletz_home: /. usually picks it up from the register
21:03:05seletz_homemy dockling just dont get the register.
21:03:18seletz_homei only get slashdot tickers ...
21:03:29seletz_home(due to my laziness)
21:03:48erikmoh, I usually read the headlines every two days or so
21:04:40seletz_homemy dockling snatches headlines automagically via some xml stuff.
21:09:01seletz_homeoh my, well, then. goodbye & 'till tomorrow!
21:26:56erikmRuss|werk: jdb doesn't have resistors
21:27:36erikmRuss|werk: if they are for power supply, he advices to use 0.1 Ohm. Digi-Key and other suppliers have them
21:56:27Russ|werkerikm: I don't think that would supply enough amps unless I put 3-4 in parallel
21:57:12erikmhow many amps are we talking about?

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