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03:44:11Sammyhello SpaceCoaster :)
10:10:05SammyYo erikm
10:12:23Sammyare you abduct by alien ? such a looong time no see :)
10:13:53erikmno, that's called christmas holiday
10:16:29Sammy|^O^| <--- so envy
11:47:57Sammylater erikm
15:43:47erikmis going to break quite some code
16:18:43erikmone single change, and already 10 files are broken
17:06:57erikmhello prpplague
17:07:05erikmprpplague: back home?
17:11:46erikmhmm. one single change which influences 23 other files. good... good... :)
17:22:24prpplagueerikm: ya got back around the 20th
17:22:44prpplagueerikm: totaled my car this morning, got rear ended by a dually
17:23:30erikmoops :(
17:23:35erikmwhat's a dually?
17:34:18prpplagueerikm: dually is an oversized pickup truck with dual wheels in the back to support heavy loads ( farm truck)
17:37:15erikmah, ok. dodge ram, for example
17:37:50prpplagueya you can get a dodge ram dually
17:39:13erikmhmm, I'm sure I've seen a dually ram in the mirror. it was exceptionally wide :)
17:40:15prpplaguewell, i can now speak with experience, you don't want to see one in the mirror not stopping
17:41:56erikmyeah, that's pretty scary. I got an accident on a highway last year with 120 km/h (75 mph). the car in front of me was braking quite hard. I managed to break as well. the car behind me didn't and crashed into my care.
17:42:46erikmspeed difference wasn't that large, so nothing really damaged, but it still is scary
18:19:03mungewellHi all, anyone here ready to answer questions blob?
18:21:23erikmhello mungewell
18:21:29erikmhiya BZFlag
18:21:54mungewellhi erikm, I'm the one who emailed you yesterday.....
18:22:09erikmgot that :)
18:22:37mungewellI've grabed the CVS versiona and made the same hacky 'corrections' and have confirmed that it builds as well as the pre1 version
18:23:14erikmis currently rewriting the serial layer
18:23:29erikmblob basically doesn't compile anymore right now :)
18:23:34mungewellyou mentioned that you are trying to move to a more portable structure. Looking at the code it's quite heavily SA1100
18:24:18erikmhmm, changes in 35 files
18:24:33mungewellI mean all the functions like LED flash and system reset are hardwired to SA1100 GPIO
18:24:47erikmlook at src/lib/serial-sa11x0.c. that's how the serial layer is going to look like
18:26:05mungewellyes I've had a very quick scan of this.... is this how you're expecting the other blocks of code to go?
18:28:17mungewellI expect that I would have to introduce a number of other files.... relating to my architecture - which is a CX22490 (arm940t core). If I go ahead a knock something up, would it be best to split these 'arch' files into a seperate directory?
18:29:56erikmI'm not yet sure about it. right now it fits quite well within the directories
18:31:14mungewellOk... I've had to pull SA1100.h file down and stick it in the include directory as I'm running Linux2.2 on the hacking machine, but that seems to work fine.
18:31:33mungewellHow long have you (and others) been hacking away at lart?
18:31:48erikmwe started somewhere in august 1999
18:32:36erikmI've been doing 1.0.0 through 1.0.8-pre2 myself
18:32:44mungewellI tried to get up to speed a bit by scanning through mailing list archive but me eyes started glossing over after the first few hundred k.
18:33:14erikmI moved the CVS tree to Sourceforge in may this year. after that the development really went fast
18:34:26mungewellIt looks like project has reached a state of maturity and this probly brings a lot of users/testers in.... I've only been involved in some new/small/obscure projects so far.
18:36:54mungewellAnyhow I'll let you get back to hacking away.... I'll drop you an email with any diffs/addtions that I get going, have fun.
18:44:05BZFlagerikm: what are the clart plans? I have a customer pinging me looking for a opensource ipaq type system.
18:52:31Russ|werkwb erikm
18:52:40erikmhi Russ|werk
19:17:53erikmre, BZFlag
19:18:28erikmBZFlag: creditlart is a bit fuzzy, it depends a lot on the commercial partners
19:19:11erikmBZFlag: if you're looking for a LART-ish SA1110 system: steve wiseman announced his "baloon2" on the LART list
19:22:56prpplagueerikm: is that info on the archive some where?
19:23:32prpplagueerikm: i'd be interested in that as well
19:23:55prpplagueerikm: i've just about got my sub in tapei ready to do a small batch of LART's
19:24:02erikmprpplague: the archive is still broken
19:24:17erikmprpplague: but I have marcj here tomorrow, so maybe he can repair it :)
19:24:23prpplagueerikm: ok
19:24:29erikmprpplague: want me to forward you his announcment?
19:26:00prpplagueerikm: that would be so nice of you...., i'm going to owe you a truck load of beer before too long
19:26:47OK, prpplague.
19:26:47prpplagueibot: prpplague is
19:28:09prpplagueerikm: btw, looks like andersee is going to get the c++ support in uclibc completed by mid-jan
19:28:27erikmcool :)
19:28:59prpplagueerikm: and he has another company interested in funding the pthreads
19:29:54erikmmessage is on its way
19:32:31prpplagueyou know, i've only been in the open source community for about three years and it still amazes me how wonderful it is compared to the m$ world
19:32:38erikmheh :)
19:38:25prpplagueerikm: looks like a nice successor to the LART
19:41:57prpplaguewonders when more companies who produce ARM based products will start co-operation on linux development
19:42:12BZFlagerikm: looking for partners in building an ipaq like system.
19:43:05Russ|werkI'll be looking for contract/perm in march
19:43:14erikmin april
19:43:45prpplagueis happly employeed
19:44:21prpplagueBZFlag: but then again you didn't ask me,lol
19:55:43prpplagueerikm: have you read this:
19:56:37erikmtries to read it
19:57:13BZFlagRuss|werk: I doubt this company I'm consulting for will pay for all the work, but it's possible.
19:57:36BZFlagthey are looking to share the cost of building an ipaq like device with a few other companies.
19:57:52prpplagueBZFlag: i'm no guru, but i'd be interested in helping anyway possible
20:11:48prpplagueBZFlag: thats basically what we are working towards, however we want a unit that supports a 640x480 display
20:12:29erikmprpplague: fun story :)
20:12:45prpplagueerikm: ya i always get a kick out of those "leaked" emails
21:12:59erikmgoes home
22:02:07Russ|werkI like how they talk about planned independant analysis
22:02:46Russ|werkthey already know the results
22:32:00andersee was last seen on #tuxscreen 17 hours, 31 minutes and 59 seconds ago, saying: hey GoRK, long time no see [Wed Jan  2 05:00:01 2002]
22:32:00Russ|werkibot: seen andersee

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