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13:15:45erikm was last seen on #blob 21 hours, 15 minutes and 31 seconds ago, saying: BZFlag: you there? [Mon Dec 10 16:00:14 2001]
13:15:45seletzibot: seen erikm?
13:16:05seletzhi folks
14:28:35prpplagueevening erikm
14:28:38erikmhi *
14:28:46seletzhi erik!
14:28:54erikmhas been fighting with scsi tape drives this morning
14:29:12prpplaguebetter than fighting 12 36gig scsi raid cabinet
14:29:24seletzHope it was at least a DAT drive?
14:29:35prpplagueboy esr has been on a terror about arm kernel...
14:29:43erikmseletz: no, an onstream adr50
14:30:01erikmseletz: quite nice drive, though I do not really trust the mechanism
14:30:06seletz_ugh_ yuck
14:31:39seletzerikm: well, the last time i messed around with something other than DAT drives i at last fired it in a corner and got a dat instead.
14:31:54erikmseletz: I like DLT. extremely robust
14:32:06seletzerikm: ah, sorry.
14:32:12erikmseletz: though DAT is a good second
14:32:21seletzerikm: i thought it was some sort of old streamer.
14:32:29prpplagueerikm: the DLT's work nice if the driver is configured properly and has good compression support
14:32:48erikmprpplague: DLT works pretty well with linux
14:32:50prpplagueerikm: we had a lot of problems with both dat and dlt under sco
14:33:03erikmprpplague: but we use it mainly on IRIX
14:33:19seletzerikm: well, in 2002 i'll get some DLT library by myself. Are those SCSI changer commands supported by them?
14:33:20prpplagueerikm: Substandard Computer Os
14:33:22erikmprpplague: DLT is actually a DEC product, so it's virtually bomb-proof
14:33:25prpplagueerikm: SCO
14:33:53prpplagueerikm: tell SCO that...
14:34:23erikmprpplague: I've never seen a good reason to use SCO
14:34:32prpplagueerikm: if i can be screwed up, blown up, and just plain fsck'd, SCO can do it
14:37:28seletzhas someone here some exp with linux keyboard drivers?
14:38:22prpplagueanyone looked at the specs for the new ti-dsp-arm product?
14:39:55seletznope. Whats that thing?
14:41:13prpplaguecheck the headlines on
14:41:40prpplagueti is introducting a arm7 core with a dsp and eithernet on the same chip
14:43:50seletzchecking out
15:52:18prpplagueseletz: finished speaking with your parole officer or what?
15:52:33erikmLOL, rmk asked Benny Sjostrand to send entries to "Eric"
15:52:44erikmso Benny send them to me :)
15:53:11seletzHa! Well, at last it sounds the same ... :D
15:53:43seletzprpplague: Whats a parole office anyway?
15:53:45prpplaguei've got to get the ones for omnimeter done when i get back
15:54:00erikmprpplague: just send them to rmk and CC ESR
15:55:32seletzerikm: well, do you want my hacked bad parker pcmcia code for blob for a review?
15:56:01seletzerikm: quite raw yet, anyway.
15:56:12erikmseletz: ok, just send them
15:56:19seletzwill do.
16:06:10prpplagueseletz: a person with the government you have to check in with once a month after you get out of jail
16:10:02seletzprpplague: oh. no. not really. erm. _cough_ No, i didnt have to report...
16:10:42seletzerikm: did you get my mail?
16:11:24seletzerikm: playin ULTIMA recently?
16:12:26seletzerikm: i hope i got all files into the tar ...
16:13:23erikmsees large message in mail queue
16:13:40prpplagueerikm: full of pr0n?
16:13:52erikmfBBGELiq012172*   17193 Tue Dec 11 17:14 <>
16:13:52erikm <erik@localhost>
16:13:56erikmnot really :)
16:14:45prpplagueis suffering from lack of sleep (i.e. cat /proc/humor/sense > /dev/null )
16:16:09seletzhappy: PT Digital Board initial patch got accepted & will be applied!!
16:17:13prpplagueseletz: congrads
16:18:06seletzwell, i'm quite happy. rmk accepts my patches at last ....
16:18:29erikmseletz: so what was the problem?
16:18:56prpplagueseletz: maybe someday i'll be a real guru like you guys and get a patch accepted by rmk
16:19:16seletzerikm: the last patch problem? Well, russell's patch system web if had an bug, and opera has a bug also.
16:20:11seletzprpplague: no, im not a guru. I want to be one. Eventually if i hang around here and on linux-arm the next couple of years i'll become a guru ... :(
16:20:21erikmseletz: heh :)
16:21:01seletzwell, i'm happy thet 1) my board runs linux 2) i get paid for kernel hacking :D
16:22:18prpplaguemost days i say to myself "i can't believe someone is paying me to do this..."
16:22:41seletzerikm: well, we'll have to talk back later for this pcmcia stuff, i'm heading now to a different location, different story. Got to port 60.000 LOC to SUN/IRIX/HP/AIX. phew.
16:23:21prpplagueseletz: doh
16:23:37prpplagueseletz: hope you got your coffee and asprin ready
16:24:40seletzwell, HP-UX is a pain in the ass, but the prog runs at last. Have to build some perl mods tough... (prog := C++ + C + QT + PERL/embedded + weird CAD stuff )
16:25:39erikmHP-SUX, ScumOS, Slowaris, Aches, etc. etc. etc. :(
16:26:01seletz*nod* *NOD*
16:26:33seletzever tried to _compile_ anything on IBM AIX?
16:27:07seletzxlC xlCC clX or whatever. TONS of different binaries. Gnargh.
16:27:47erikmis glad that he hasn't met with AIX yet.
16:27:56erikmHP-SUX was already evil enough
16:28:06erikmit doesn't even come with a sane shell
16:28:12seletz(a kingdom for gcc. cant use because of "weird CAD stuff". argh. ouch. ouch. yuck-yuck)
16:28:48seletzerikm: tar xvfz bash.tar && cd bash-2.0.2 && configure && make
16:29:10seletzerikm: that was the fist thing i did. then came vim 5.7.
16:29:20erikmseletz: that's the first thing I do on "vendor supplied UNIX variants" download, compile and install
16:29:23seletzhey, time runs ....
16:30:01seletzforgot time again ...
16:30:13seletzbye, I've to run now ....
16:30:19seletzbbl, afk
16:35:49sammy_wmsis that worth to use $289 us dollar to buy a IPAQ ?
16:36:37erikmsammy_wms: depends on what you want to do with it
16:37:26sammy_wmsbootldr or blob + linux + QPE + QT app ...
16:38:16sammy_wmsif I buy it , my IPAQ  will have brother ...
16:38:31erikmsammy_wms: it should work
16:38:57erikmsammy_wms: except that I didn't have tested the blob low-level stuff on ipaq
16:39:59sammy_wmserikm: do you know how much does the H3630 cose in other place ?
16:40:07sammy_wmser cost ...
16:40:42erikmsammy_wms: well, I paid about $600 for it a year ago. but that was when they were still in short suply
16:41:23sammy_wms|O|'s really worth now to buy one ...
16:43:25sammy_wmserikm: if ipaq have bootldr inside , and then , burn the blob into flash without jtag, how to sure it's really work now ?
16:43:51erikmsammy_wms: it's not sure at all.
16:44:13sammy_wmsO, O, ....
16:44:21erikmsammy_wms: I haven't had time to test it yet. more important project stuff went first
16:45:00erikmsammy_wms: but you can chain-load blob from bootldr
16:45:44sammy_wms" chain -load " ?
16:48:08sammy_wmsmaybe need spend some time read about some bootldr DOC ...
16:53:49erikmchain loading means that bootldr loads and boots blob
16:53:53erikmgoes home
16:54:03erikmdinner with co-worker, all expenses paid :)
16:54:17erikms/worker/workers/ , I mean
16:54:52sammy_wmsbye erikm...
17:04:31sammy_wmshello prpplague :)
17:07:12prpplagueknee how
17:08:13sammy_wmsprpplague: worknig something ?

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