irclog2html for blob on 2001.12.07

01:14:46asamiI have a dumb question
01:16:16asamiThe blob binary image is in src/blob/blob, should I need src/blob/blob-start-elf32 and src/blob/blob-rest-elf32 ?
01:28:15asamiI have a dumb question: he blob binary image is in src/blob/blob, should I need src/blob/blob-start-elf32 and src/blob/blob-rest-elf32 ?
01:29:54prpplagueasami: some systems require those images be loaded in different places, but that pretty unusual
01:30:06prpplagueasami: you should be able to use blob directly
01:30:29prpplagueare you using blob as your primary bootloader?
01:31:50asamiprpplague: yes
01:32:14asamiprpplague: do I need diag binary as well?
01:32:57prpplagueasami: the diag binary can be loaded in place of blob in order to to diagnostics, normally you should only load blob
01:33:22asamiprpplague: ok, I see, thanks
01:34:35asamiprpplauge: oh, I have a question. May I ask you again?
01:35:08prpplagueasami: i'm not a guru, but i'll help if i can...
01:36:43asamiprpplauge: ok. my board have one Intel 28F128J3A150 strataflash(16MB), using a 16-bit data bus
01:37:29asamiso I should edit from src/blob/assabet.c, as below:
01:38:48asamistatic flash_descriptor_t assabet_flash_descriptors[] =
01:38:48asami        {
01:38:48asami                size: 128 * 1024,
01:38:48asami                num: 64,
01:38:50asami               lockable: 1
01:38:52asami        },
01:38:55asami        {
01:38:57asami                /* NULL block */
01:39:27asami        },                                                                      };                                                  
01:39:55asamiand in, I should set BLOB_FLASH_OBJS="intel16.o"
01:40:12prpplagueasami: sorry don't have an answer, each individual board is different, the readme file is pretty detailed about configuring your blob for a new system
01:40:12asamidon't know whether I'm right or wrong...
01:40:28prpplagueasami: the guy you want to ask is erikm
01:40:59prpplagueasami: make sure you have your questions well thought out before asking
01:42:03asamiprpplague:hmmm.. OK
01:42:33asamido you know where I can find CreditLART spec?
01:43:02prpplagueasami: they are not posted yet
01:43:14prpplagueasami: there have been some specs on the mailing list
01:43:24prpplagueasami: erikm could give them to you
01:44:06asamiis checking mailing lists archives
01:46:51asamiSammy: hi
01:48:55prpplagueknee how?
02:44:49asamihmm... if I use 16-bit flash, I should use inte16.c, not intel32, right?
03:48:36Sammyyo, prpplague :)
04:12:11prpplagueyo sammy
10:17:18Sammyhang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang hang
11:43:10Sammysee you later...
15:39:34prpplaguemorning all

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