irclog2html for blob on 2001.11.11

15:05:27wish i knew, sammy_wms
15:05:27sammy_wmsibot: seen  Russ ?
15:05:36Russ was last seen on #tuxscreen 1 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and 39 seconds ago, saying: hey GoRK, andersee [Sat Nov 10 08:14:57 2001]
15:05:36sammy_wmsibot: seen Russ ?
15:05:54Sammy is now porting blob on PUPPY
15:05:54sammy_wmsibot: Sammy ?
15:06:06hmmm... Russ is my big hunk of man-love
15:06:06sammy_wmsibot: Russ ?
15:06:57sammy_wms: i don't know
15:06:57sammy_wmsibot: erimk?
15:07:12wish i knew, sammy_wms
15:07:12sammy_wmsibot: erimk ?
15:07:12sammy_wms: no idea
15:07:12sammy_wmsibot: erikm ?
15:07:28BZFlag is TimRiker or a 3D internet multiplayer multiplatform (linux, irix, win32, etc) opensource opengl Battlezone capture the flag game at debian arm linux contains a version that will run on the ipaq at like 6 fps
15:07:28sammy_wmsibot: BZFlag ?
15:09:00sammy_wms: excuse me?
15:09:00sammy_wmsibot: cool night
15:09:13sammy_wms: i'm not following you...
15:09:13sammy_wmsibot: I say night :)
15:09:25i don't know, sammy_wms
15:09:25sammy_wmsibot: why not ?
15:09:39sammy_wms: sorry...
15:09:39sammy_wmsibot: ok
15:25:58i guess lxrbot is my fellow bot. he knows a lot about the linux kernel and normally lives on #kernelnewbies.
15:25:58sammy_wmsibot: lxrbot ?
15:26:17i heard i was an infobot owned by Tangent with some assistance from BZFlag
15:26:17sammy_wmslxrbot: ibot ?
15:26:17lxrbotwell, ibot is my fellow bot. he knows a lot about ipaq and normally lives on #ipaq.
15:28:20sammy_wmslxrbot:seen  ibot ?
15:28:21lxrbotsammy_wms: i don't know
15:28:28I haven't seen 'ibot', sammy_wms
15:28:28sammy_wmslxrbot: seen ibot ?
15:28:28lxrboti don't know, sammy_wms
15:28:47lxrbot was last seen on #blob 19 seconds ago, saying: i don't know, sammy_wms [Sun Nov 11 15:28:28 2001]
15:28:47sammy_wmsibot:seen lxrbot ?
15:29:08i am an infobot owned by Tangent with some assistance from BZFlag
15:29:08sammy_wmsibot: ibot ?
15:29:25sammy_wms: sorry...
15:29:25sammy_wmsibot: :)
22:58:21prpplaguehowdy guru
22:58:33prpplagueohh wait thats bzflag

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