irclog2html for blob on 2001.11.02

00:39:15Sammyyo ....
08:53:15Sammyerikm : someday before you say blob 2.0.5 work on assabet ?
08:54:15Sammybut assabet's serial port control by BCR , if serial.c don't init it , can it work ?
08:54:38Sammywonder >(
08:54:43erikmsee assabet.c
08:55:04erikmno need to clutter up serial.c with that
08:55:05Sammyhave you change that ?
08:55:25Sammyinlcude the assabet.c ?
08:56:37Sammyyou nean the assabet.c is in ../linux/ or ../blob/ ?
10:04:48Sammyerikm : Thanx , go ...
10:05:02Sammygo home
14:00:13prpplaguemorning all
14:00:49erikmhi prpplague
14:19:04prpplagueerikm: i got blob to initialize my pcmcia controler yesterday
14:20:17erikmyou mean the MECR etc?
14:21:07prpplagueya, and read some of the registers
14:22:27prpplagueprobably not anything big to you guys, but a big step in my understanding of things
14:27:13erikmhehe :)
14:29:04prpplagueerikm: btw, i add the info you gave me on printascii to my notes page, hope thats ok -
17:08:11prpplagueerikm: to use inb and outb what should the #include be?
17:10:04erikmprpplague: there is no inb and outb on ARM
17:10:25erikmprpplague: all IO is memory mapped
17:10:54prpplagueso just dereference an address and store a value there?
17:11:03erikmprpplague: the i386 architecture is sick because it has an IO address space, but the rest of the world works without that
17:11:11erikmprpplague: yes
17:11:17prpplagueahh, ok
17:12:11prpplagueerikm: forgive my uneducated questions, i've never had any formal c or c++ training
17:12:39erikmprpplague: neither did I :)
17:13:37prpplagueerikm: ya but your a guru
17:13:47prpplaguesomething like this:
17:13:49prpplague#define WritePort8(port,value)        (*((volatile Byte   *)      (port))   = (value))
17:15:19erikmI'd make that an inline function so you get compile time type checking for free
17:16:23prpplagueok thanks
17:17:33prpplaguesooo much to learn so little time, makes you want to live 200 years just get caught up
17:21:28Russ|werkerikm: what were you saying where you'd seen the mtd remount lock I was talking about?
17:23:04erikmRuss|werk: that was with my minimal MTD filesystem
17:33:05Russ|werkwhat do you mean by minimal?
17:41:34erikmvery small.
17:42:32prpplagueerikm: could i email you a small app and check out the code?
17:42:43erikmprpplague: sure
17:43:00prpplagueerikm: thanks
17:45:21Russ|werkerikm: but on jffs2?
17:45:52prpplagueerikm: its on the way, its very small
17:49:15Russ|werkerikm: any insight?
17:52:05erikmRuss|werk: no
17:52:12erikm(sorry phone)
17:54:35prpplagueerikm: hmm got a return mail on your email address let me double check
17:56:45prpplagueerikm: oops bad address in the address book
17:57:05prpplagueerikm: on the way again
18:00:08prpplaguecrap, damm winblows sysadmin has got our email server listed on
18:04:06erikmprpplague: hmm, can't help you with that.
18:04:23erikmprpplague: you could try to send it to
18:04:38prpplagueerikm: i'm on the phone now complaining about it
18:04:47prpplagueerikm: ok, i'll try that one now
18:07:17prpplaguethis really pisses me off this guy gets double my salary and knows nothing, and does stuff like this..
18:07:54prpplagueerikm: on the way again
18:11:59erikmthat worked
18:13:17erikmprpplague: that doesn't work. you can't access physical addresses like that from userland
18:14:03prpplagueany suggestions?
18:14:06erikmprpplague: get devmem2.c from the LART site
18:14:19prpplagueok going there now
18:14:36erikmyou have to mmap(/dev/mem)
18:15:56prpplagueok got the devmem2.c, i'll look into the code before i pester you
18:17:19prpplaguenice app
18:17:27prpplaguejust what i was looking for
18:17:58erikmthe trick is that the kernel generates non-cached mappings for /dev/mem, so it's excellent for IO devices
18:19:20prpplagueok that makes sense
18:22:07prpplaguewhoo works great
18:22:19prpplagueerikm: your my hero
18:22:49erikmprpplague: I think you'd better worship jdb, he wrote devmem2 ;)
18:22:54prpplagueerikm: i'm also amused by shiny objects as well
18:23:41prpplagueerikm: thanks to both of you, i'll have to drop him a thankyou email, assuming my winblows system can get our email unblacklisted
18:23:56prpplagues/system/sysadmin :)
18:24:39erikmor use one of the various free webmail providers
18:26:00prpplagueerikm: i think i'm about ready to setup a linux box and hide it in a closet somewhere
18:26:56erikmprpplague: hehe :) start with mail and DNS and gradually take over the rest of the stuff
18:27:07erikmprpplague: that's how I did it
18:27:42erikmprpplague: start with samba (so we could kick out Sun PCNFS)
18:28:06prpplagueerikm: the boss is ready kick all of the cisco/m$ stuff out
18:28:10erikmprpplague: and two weeks ago I upgraded the mail server to a Sparc10 with debian linux
18:28:30erikmprpplague: (it was running on a Sparc2 with ScumOS 4.1.3)
18:29:38erikmnext thing that's going to happen that I'm going to run the mailing lists on GNU mailman
18:30:11prpplagueerikm: have done GNU mailman before? i'm would like to setup a mailist using that
18:30:46erikmthe blob-cvs-commit mailing list runs on mailman. I like the way to administrate it
18:31:25erikmthe list server runs somewhere on, but you can use a web interface to administrate it
18:31:59prpplagueerikm: how do you find the time do everything? don't you have to do something to make $$
18:32:40erikmwe run a couple of mailing lists for other groups on our server, and right now the sysadmin has to administer all mailing lists. better let the others do it through a web interface
18:33:24erikmprpplague: well, I'm not officially the sysadmin over here in my group, but I do have the root password, and I sometimes just *fix* things
18:34:04erikmprpplague: like I did with the mail server: old server went down with disk problems, new server was running within two hours
18:40:37prpplagueerikm: we do a lot pos networking, and i'm constatly interupted with nasty hardware issue, so i have to come in on the weekends to really get anything done
18:41:28erikmprpplague: :(
18:41:53erikmprpplague: note that I'm with a university, and making money is not core business over here
18:44:28prpplagueerikm: around here the all might quid is boss
19:27:47prpplaguelol, haven't read that in forever
21:34:53Russ|werkand you've tried it at 2x
21:37:37erikmRuss|werk: haven't tried what?
21:37:49Russ|werkwrong channel
21:38:03erikmhas been playing with vice, the C64 emulator:
21:38:16erikmand has *lots* of games
21:38:52prpplaguedidn't do c64, he was into the timex/sinclair stuff
21:50:52erikmgoes zzz
21:51:18prpplaguelater, have good weekend
21:51:31prpplaguedrink a good english brew for me....
21:52:08prpplagueerikm: thanks again for the help
22:39:59prpplaguehowdy BZFlag, hows the tuxscreen biz?

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