irclog2html for blob on 2001.11.01

00:28:23Sammyyho ,
13:53:16erikmhi prpplague
13:55:25prpplaguehowdy erikm
13:55:31prpplaguehows it going today?
13:56:13prpplaguebroken any perfectly good code today? can't call it a day untill you break atleast one line!lol
13:56:41prpplaguethat's the way its been for me lately
14:21:40erikmwhat's broken?
14:23:49prpplagueerikm: just kidding around, i've been on a bug fest this week fixing some of our in-house apps
14:35:16prpplagueerikm: i did actually help SpaceCoaster get the 32m tuxscreen kernel working, so i'm very happy with myself today
15:45:06erikmtries to preprocess linker scripts with cpp...
16:24:07erikm$(CC) -x c-header -fno-builtin -I${top_builddir}/include -I${top_srcdir}/include -E $< | sed 's/^#.*//' > $@
18:31:02erikmhmm, this turns out to work nice
18:31:02erikmthe blob base address is now in the architecture dependent files
18:31:02erikmand I generate rest-ld-script from by feeding it through the C preprocessor
18:42:21prpplaguethat does sound good
18:42:51prpplaguethat solves my problem nicely
19:06:00erikmgoes home
19:24:59prpplaguelater erikm
22:44:18BZFlaglxrbot: 1+1?
22:44:18lxrbotbzflag: i don't know
22:44:29BZFlaglxrbot: status?
22:44:29lxrbotSince Fri Nov  2 00:30:12 2001, there have been 0 modifications and 1 questions.  I have been awake for 16 minutes, 55 seconds this session, and currently reference 6572 factoids. Addressing is in require mode.
22:45:03BZFlaghmm... lxrbot is an old ibot. ;-)
22:45:27i guess 1+1 is 3 for large values of 1
22:45:27BZFlagibot: 1+1?

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