irclog2html for blob on 2001.10.31

08:33:15erikmgets coffee
09:09:26Sammyevering erikm :)
09:16:23Sammyerikm : have you test diag on LART before ?
09:16:46erikmit doesn't do anything useful, though
09:17:02erikmbut it does give you a nice "diag>" prompt :)
09:17:02Sammyno use LCD on it ..?
09:17:15erikmbecause there is no standard LCD on LART
09:17:37SammyI have 320 x240 4bpp lcd :)
09:18:07erikmwell, I have a 320x240x4bbb, and a 320x240x16bb, and a 640x480x8bpp
09:18:26erikmyou can damage an LCD with the wrong settings
09:18:35erikmso I don't enable LCD for LART
09:18:54Sammyreally ?
09:19:12erikmipaq, tuxscreen, assabet, and system3 are different: they allways use the same LCD
09:20:00Sammysome guys help layout that , sounds like not stable on screen
09:20:32Sammyand also I can't debug that :-/
09:22:11Sammyerikm : can try that ? what's your suggest ?
09:45:15erikmuse linux
09:45:57erikmif linux runs on your board, you can test *any* hardware
12:19:32pumpkinis gonna reboot...
13:58:19prpplaguemorning all
13:58:25prpplagueerikm: how was the day off?
13:58:47erikmah, good :)
13:59:42prpplaguedidn't have to do too many "Honeydo's" ?
14:00:07erikmno, repaired the sun screen
14:00:54erikmand the weather was that nice that I cycled about 40km in the afternoon
15:25:02erikmhi Russ|werk
15:25:22erikmevening :)
15:27:45erikmturns out that the TuxScreen works perfectly with a 220V --> 110V transformer
15:28:28erikmI bought one yesterday and first measured the voltages from the power supply before I hooked up the TuxScreen. no problems, and the TuxScreen now works :)
15:29:41Russ|werkmy electric shaver charges on 220V, gets really warm though
15:30:16erikmmy 220V shaver has no problems charging on 110V
15:30:37erikmswitching power supplies are great
15:33:43erikmcommits a bunch of changes
15:43:25erikmgoes home

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