irclog2html for blob on 2001.09.17

07:48:56erikmhi *
08:01:48erikmmorning, Russ
08:02:02erikmor better: night :)
08:02:34Russyah, going to hang up my flag and go to bed
08:04:19erikmdo you like the command line stuff?
08:05:59RussI've really not had a great weekend, but it ended well, I'll have time to look at it later
08:06:56erikmok, well, have a good rest than
08:07:17Russbut if its similar to the kernel paramater tags, I'm all for it
08:07:39erikmit is similar
08:07:46erikmand it really cleans up the code
08:08:38Russthats good, because a lot of factors are going to try to make it more complex
08:09:14erikmI think I'll also move a couple of commands into separate files, that will make main.c a lot smaller and easier to read
08:09:43Russslowly getting rid of jdb's coding style as well?
08:10:35Russ(assuming the MyStrCaseCmp is jdb's style)
08:10:36erikmslowly, yes. but that was part of my coding style as well. I'm now so used to linux kernel coding style that I use it everywhere
08:10:47erikmyes, that's jdb's style
08:11:11erikmI'm currently more into my_strcasecmp() kind of things
08:11:57erikmthough strcasecmp() would be the most logical thing
08:12:42Russanyway, sleep
08:12:54erikmBTW, I think I'm going to make a doc/ subdirectory to document some coding things, like adding new commands, etc.
08:13:30erikmgets coffee
14:31:00erikmhey Russ|werk, slept well?
14:34:28erikmwalks off to save the LCD projector

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