irclog2html for blob on 2001.09.05

00:35:52Sammymorning all
07:25:34Sammymorning ...erikm
07:27:55Russso how's the demo going?
07:31:08erikmRuss: no idea :)
07:31:42erikmRuss: I have a couple of backup demos, so *I* can show something
07:33:07Russa rock the cradle yo-yo trick?
07:33:39erikmRuss: no, one MPEG2 decoding demo (continuously plays MPEG2 movies to the LCD)
07:33:56erikmRuss: and a clock&voltage scaling demo with real-time measurents
09:05:36Sammyerikm : do you have free time ?
09:08:21erikmnot really
09:08:36erikm_lunchand I
09:08:44erikm_lunchI'm having lunch right now
10:16:59Sammywhy ./configure --with-linux-prefix=/skiff/local/arm-linux --with-board=lart "arm-lart-linux-gnu" need  the command in " "
10:17:25erikmwhich command?
10:18:58Sammywhat's this for ?
10:19:04erikmthat doesn't need to be in " "
10:19:10erikmthe shell won't expand it
10:19:54Sammyoh , that's I just you want to let you know ...
10:20:27SammyI mean if I don't add that , and the blob binary code still can make it ..
10:20:59Sammyso I am curious what's this command use for
10:22:56Sammyand also in Guide to ARMLinux for Develop write that host=i386 , and I don't type it , and also still can pass the cross compiler strange
10:25:22erikmarm-lart-linux-gnu is the target architecture. you almost never need host=i386,only if you're building a canadian cross compiler
10:25:47erikmif the guide to armlinux says you need a --host flag, it is wrong
10:26:44Sammyho ho this book write by Wooky and Paul Webb ...
10:27:04SammyDo U know them ?
10:28:38Sammyso if I don't give target architecture , cross compiler still know that to compiler for ARM ?
10:31:29erikmI know wookey, yes
10:32:12erikmno, if you don't supply the target architecture, the configure script will not know that you want to cross compile and quite a lot of incorrect assumptions
10:34:24erikmoh, and using the flag --with-linux-prefix=/skiff/local/arm-linux will _not_ work. the --with-linux-prefix expects the path to the configured _kernel_ source, not to the processed headers from the cross compiler
10:40:54Sammyom ... but I still can pass it , and after make the size is the same
10:41:08Sammy-rwxr-xr-x    1 root                 13974 Sep  5 19:50 blob
10:41:09Sammy-rwxr-xr-x    1 root                 12950 Sep  5 19:50 blob-rest
10:41:10Sammy-rwxr-xr-x    1 root                 23536 Sep  5 19:50 blob-rest-elf32
10:41:12Sammy-rwxr-xr-x    1 root                   600 Sep  5 19:50 blob-start
10:41:12Sammy-rwxr-xr-x    1 root                 35311 Sep  5 19:50 blob-start-elf32
10:41:41erikmwell, plain luck if it works. but don't complain if it doesn't.
10:44:38Sammybut my cross compiler put in /skiff/local/ not /usr/local/ I am following the HOWTO Build A Cross Toolchain For ARM ....
10:45:09SammySo maybe this is why it work  I think
10:45:34SammyLART show
10:45:50erikmall nice and well, but the kernel headers in the cross compiler toolchain are NOT the correct kernel headers. if it works fine, but it is not guaranteed to work
10:46:39Sammyioi ..
10:47:17Sammyso what is your suggest ?
10:48:10Sammyat now I can cross compiler the blob for lart , next step , I want to show some massage on LCD on LART
10:48:32erikmSammy: install X and use xmessage
10:48:51SammyX server ?
10:49:52erikmyes, compile kernel with SA1100 frame buffer device
10:50:23erikmafter that you can run X server, or just echo foobar > /dev/tty1
10:50:44erikmor mmap(/dev/fb0) and directly draw on the frame buffer
10:51:52erikmor use microwindows
10:51:56Sammyis that sa1100fb.c with in kernel original ?
10:52:10erikmor qt for framebuffer, or GTK+ for framebuffer
10:52:24erikmit's in the latest -np kernel
10:53:05Sammyyah , I see it the QT for framebuffer is what I want to use ...
10:54:42Sammysorry what is  -np  ? I don't know more about kernel , but I am hard reading  from the side arm.linux
10:56:43erikm-np is the nicolas pitre patch set
10:56:51erikm(it *is* explained on the LART site)
10:58:59Sammyoh I know , sorry , just lost memory ...
11:00:01Sammyso that if I usr cross  compiler don't use that build by my self ?
11:03:33erikmparse error, sorry. if you have a precompiled cross compiler you don't have to build that yourself (if that is what you mean)
11:07:48Sammyyah , which one should I use ?
11:09:04Sammyand the point is which kernel header is currect ?
11:11:24SammyI use binutils-  &  gcc02.95.2  &  glibc-2.1.2  & kernel-2.4.7 & gcc-2.95.2-diff-991022 & gcc-fold-const,patch & patch-2.4.7-rmkl
11:11:43Sammywhich one is wrong ?
11:20:55erikmdon't even *think* about building your own cross compiler, just download one of my precompiled compilers, like the gcc-2.95.2 or gcc-2.95.3 based
11:21:21erikm(preferably the gcc-2.95.2 version)
11:21:45erikmit's tested, it works, it's known good
11:27:56SammyThanx erikm ....
11:29:30Sammyis watching the maillist #539 and #540 ...
11:35:46Sammythanx again ...
11:36:20Sammyfor the answer ARM boot
11:36:40erikmoh, was that you
11:36:50Sammyno ,
11:37:18Sammybuy now for me is the same place to do ,
11:38:09Sammyso know where to start is important ...I think  
11:41:59erikmno, it isn't. you don't even have to care about it. I've been running arm-linux on a LART for over a year without even knowing where the kernel started.
11:42:50erikmonly when nicolas pitre changed the discontiguous memory support a year ago I needed to know how the kernel started because his patches broke on LART.
11:45:26Sammybut If I don't , how do I know what time the frame buffer is on ?
11:46:06SammyI mean know the step by start kernel until show the login :
11:46:26erikmwhy do you even *care* when the framebuffer is on?
11:47:15Sammybecause now my setp is show something on LCD ...
11:47:23erikmit's on as soon as userland starts, i.e.: when init is started.
11:49:34Sammyall driver is start there ?
11:52:05erikmof course, otherwise the kernel wouldn't be initialised
11:52:46SammyOK , tell you what I think ,step by step , from start , boot and then kernel on LCD show , filesystem and ramdisk is on , QT on , show something like HELLO World  on LCD screen , and can use touch panel ...
11:53:15Sammyand say that just like handheld is right
11:55:01Sammyand then I can porting blob , kernel , another platform....
11:55:14Sammylike Tuxscreen ....
11:56:28erikmthat's more or less the idea, yes
11:57:20Sammybut if I want to use QT , right now I must let the framebuffer on,
12:00:02erikmwhich is quite a logical assumption, yes.
12:01:29Sammybecause the experience porting linux and QT on IPAQ , I still don't know what they doing  behind ...
12:47:22sammy_erikm : what is the time on your place ?
12:50:55sammy_~ difference 6hr ... it's time to go home . good night .

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