irclog2html for blob on 2001.09.03

00:31:24SammyHello all
02:58:34Sammywho change the topic ?
03:05:04Russits the default topic for the channel
03:07:52CiCoa very little question...
03:08:04CiCohow to make a channel?
03:08:12CiCo(in this server irc)
03:12:51Russwhy are you asking here?
03:13:14Sammyso does me ...
03:14:02CiCoI take a random channel for this cuestion...
07:53:50Russhey erikm
07:54:34erikmRuss: sorry, I really don't have time to look at your paramblock in details
07:54:47erikmRuss: deadline on wednesday
07:54:47Russdeadline still looms?
07:55:26Russdo you agree that bootldr partitions need to be extended?
07:56:15erikmI haven't looked into it yet, so I can't comment
07:56:26Russkeep at the grind then
07:56:27erikmwhat about redboot partitioning? is that any better?
07:56:47RussI'll look it up, jamey seemed to have disliked it enough to start from scratch
07:57:32Russredboot is just in the last eraseblock
07:57:50Russbootldr extends that by allowing it to be in the second erase block as well
07:58:33RussI want to extend it by allowing it to be at a abituary offset (ptag.u.core.bootldr_offset) which would usually by right after the PTAG_CORE tag
07:59:02erikmwhy would you want to extend it?
07:59:30Russso that the paramater block and partition data go in the same erase block
07:59:42erikmmakes sense
07:59:58Russbootldr is already extendable, no one has extended it though
08:00:09erikmis it easy to modify the kernel to find the partition data?
08:01:13erikmI'd say discuss the kernel changes with nico and rmk, and go ahead if they OK it
08:01:32Russit figuratively would be (((struct ptag *) *(&blob + 0x34))->u.core.bootldr_offset)
08:01:47Russcourse, the code would be cleaner than that and check for magic
08:02:15RussI would think jamey, since he wrote bootldr.c, but he's at that LWCE thing till tuesday
08:03:04Russknow anything about the rumored sharp giveaway?
08:04:39Russtim was saying something about it, giving away 30-50 of their new strongarm handhelds to linux-arm developers
08:05:31Russfrom the face of it, they really don't seem to like linux users...
08:06:25Russ"RVT Corporation is now working on a Windows-like GUI for MS-DOS..."
08:06:42erikmwe'll see what happens. maybe we'll get contacted about it
08:07:02erikmand maybe we'll never get it (like the Intel Xscale board :)
08:07:15Russhadn't heard about that
08:08:49Russhmm...linux is allowed to view the japanese sharp usefull
08:09:47erikmI'll get an Intel Xscale board (and so does rmk), but so far Intel has problems with both the CPU and the board, so we didn't get it yet
08:09:57erikmcontinues hacking
10:10:32sammy_question .....framebuffer need LCD driver or not ?
10:11:11sammy_is that kernel support the framebuffer or need LCD driver to do this ?
10:58:55sammy_erikm : may I ask that framebuffer for arm it can work when kernel is on  , or it must build anohter for arm ?
11:02:05sammy_another one , if now I can compiler my own blob on LART , then if that I layout the LCD on it , then how is the driver on ?
11:03:54erikmsa1100fb.c IS the LCD driver
11:06:20sammy_320*240 ?
11:06:35sammy_if I need 800*600 ?
11:07:52sammy_framebuffer and LCD driver , which one is on after boot kernel ?
11:09:17erikmframebuffer driver *IS* LCD driver
11:09:45erikmyou can't do 800x600 in 16bpp mode. see and follow the LCD modes link
11:10:03erikmsorry, too busy to answer questions right now
11:10:19sammy_oh ...( silly question )
11:11:28sammy_OK , I'll try my self , until U have time ....Thanx "A LOT" ...

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