irclog2html for blob on 2001.08.21

00:33:04Sammymorning everyone ...
04:24:05Russmorning Sammy
06:23:54Sammyfinalfantasydog : I hear that sound's like have typhoon and the way along the place U live ....?
06:24:02Sammyis that so ?
06:25:28finalfantasydogthey are?
06:29:51Sammysorry , maybe wrong .
07:15:50finalfantasydogwho said something about the typhoon?
07:16:01RussSammy did
07:16:26finalfantasydogsammy, i didn't relize it but i was walking thourgh it today
07:16:28finalfantasydogit's already here
07:22:38Sammyyou mean still there ?
07:36:43Sammyhope that don't make any harm fot your country...
07:37:45finalfantasydogmost liekly won't
09:39:30erikmhi all
09:42:33ed__hey erik
09:42:53ed__anyone used a tek 3002 logic analyzer?
09:44:05erikmno, sorry
09:45:58ed__hmmmm someones gonna loan me one
09:46:09ed__now all i need is a digital oscilliscope
10:02:17erikmwe have a tek tds540a digital scope over here
10:02:30erikmbut I'm not gonna ship it to the US ;)
14:33:26Russarghhh....hyperterm foolio's
14:37:16erikmyes. doh! ;)
14:43:20ed__hah i saw that
14:43:37ed__how can it be so bad?
14:44:03Russbecause if they improved it, it wouldn't cause more people to buy windows
15:03:41erikmjust like the MS telnet implementation, also crap
15:03:52erikmespecially the terminal emulation in it
15:04:35erikmotoh, the terminal emultaion in hyperterm is better, and hyperterm also supports telnet
15:49:41erikmgoes home
17:47:37Russrm -rf's #blob

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