irclog2html for blob on 2001.08.08

12:14:26Sammyhello !!
16:50:56Russ|werkerikm: do you have that slightly fixed up version of the cs89x0 driver I sent out?
16:53:15erikmRuss|werk: yes
16:53:23erikmRuss|werk: I also hacked on it a bit
16:53:35erikmthe IRQ 0 stuff was still not right
16:53:56Russ|werkIRQ can be signed and negative for no irq
16:54:42Russ|werkfeel free to rip out teh memory mode stuff, as I don't think memory mode would actually be any faster
16:54:58Russ|werkthe timings are almost the same for the chip
16:55:15Russ|werkso register accesses would just happen in half the time
16:55:49erikmthe only way it would be faster is when you copy the packets in and out of the buffer
16:56:04Russ|werkwhy though?
16:56:19Russ|werkin IO mode, its doing successive 16 bit reads to the same location
16:56:36Russ|werkin MEM mode, its doing successive 16 bit reads to an incrementing location
16:57:09erikmehm, yes. no real difference
16:58:54Russ|werkthe only way to get more speed would be to hook up an SRAM buffer that emulates DMA
16:59:12Russ|werkand the CPU can read from at much higher speeds than the CS8900A
17:02:19Russ|werkanyway, wookie was looking for a working version
17:04:29erikmyes, I just just read the LART list
17:04:41erikmI'll see if I can get a hacked LART version out.
17:04:54erikmmaybe even a complete patch set for 2.4.6-rmk2-np1
17:06:59Russ|werkthe driver works in the kernel
17:07:21Russ|werkit needs ether=... ether=... ether=... to enable multiple chips
17:10:27Russ|werkI guess the bigest things would be multiple chip support, loads when there is no link, and mii ioctl emulation
17:10:52Russ|werkI think it should return 0x0000, 0x0000 for vendor/device though...
23:26:08erikmvotes for rmk going to -ac patches

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