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15:20.35BulletCatcherHappy leap day!
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16:01.48ndimleaps to the moon
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16:58.43ndim~coffee kierra
16:58.43purlACTION steals some of Gabe_G23's special coffee and gives it to kierra on a silver platter.
17:09.43kierrahello!  uhoh, I hope Gabe_G23 doesnt poison my coffee ;)
17:14.10Quol__OK - here is a real ticket from out helpdesk that was opened today - this is 100% joke here:
17:14.19Quol__"Hi Moshe, I’m  writing to let you know that my co worker Laura Miller has voices in her computer seriously I find it very difficult to work when people are talking in her computer.  Also she is missing the f3 key pad on her lap tap  please send her a new lap top and save us all from the shenanigans going on in her computer! "
17:25.26BulletCatcherWe are supposed to already know not to listen to the voices in our head.
17:25.28BulletCatcherIt looks like we have to add "the voices in your co-worker's computer" to the list.
17:28.08BulletCatcherThe proper response, of course, is to ask for a charge code to pay for the replacement laptop.
17:30.40BulletCatcherResponse B is to send a pair of earplugs to the ticket submitter.
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17:43.14kierramdskpr, question
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18:24.18Quol__BulletCatcher, I like the earplug idea! think I might steal that and tell our helpdesk to offer that as a solution :)
18:25.31Quol__one of our onsite techs had fun with it, and went over to them, and stood there trying extremely hard not to laugh when the co-workers said "there - you hear that?", and he stood there for minutes on end saying "nope - there is no sounds comming out of here computer" :)
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18:41.01kierraquol ping
18:41.32kierraa fun match just finished on quol 57 about 10 min and no replay :(
18:41.45Quol__ya - I will have to restart them again
18:42.01kierrathere was no regular 'end of match msg or match #
18:42.04Quol__not sure why this is happening
18:42.22kierrais that something that will be done later?
18:42.43Quol__I will recompile/update everything and cross my fingers...what later - restart them?
18:43.14kierrajust wondering if maybe better to fix then bring online
18:45.01kierrabefore an issue comes up that we want to see a replay for
18:45.43kierrai guess i dont know your timeframe for recompile/etc....sounds like much later?
18:46.34kierraif cant restart soon, maybe take match servers down so no offis done there
18:48.58kierraquol :)
18:49.08kierraQuol__ :)
18:57.22Quol__kierra, ya, I could take them down - this week is bad as in work has been insane - we had a large database get corrupted - so I have had about 12 hours sleep since sunday so far ;)
18:58.03Quol__but ya, will get around to it eventually :)
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22:23.38Constitution~lart Quol_
22:23.38purlcrushes Quol_ with a full height scsi disk
22:24.16Quol_~fish Constitution
22:24.16purlACTION slaps Constitution around with a large trout

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