IRC log for ##kierra on 20111006

00:45.29Gabe_G23Steve Jobs passed away all =(
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02:26.11mrapplerip steve jobs ;(
02:30.07kierraYes, mrapple :(
02:41.54mvirongood evening kierra
02:56.55kierraevening mviron
07:36.32*** join/##kierra Valumzie (
10:04.48bradkierra: /join ##youknowwhat:P
10:23.05Constitution~lart brad
10:23.05purlfollow's brad with a gauntlet and ... scratch ... HUMILIATION
10:24.47brad~huggle Constitution
10:24.56brad~hug Constitution
10:24.57purlACTION jumps into Constitution's lap and huggles and *hugs* Constitution
10:25.42Constitutionnow if you didn't just turn the other cheek...
10:25.56ConstitutionI think I may feel remorseful
10:33.46brad:P ITS A TRAP
10:33.52brad~lart Constitution
10:33.52purlgives Constitution a good seeing to
11:26.15kierralol brad
13:14.29kierra~poke brad
13:14.29purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind brad, pokes brad repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
13:37.41kierrathinks brad is playing hide and go seek
14:25.59*** topic/##kierra by kierra -> Welcome: || "solo due cosa sono infinite: l'universo e la stupidita, mas de la prima non ne sono affatto sicuro" || T minus 8 days
14:26.10bradrofl kierra
14:26.20kierrahugs brad
14:26.22bradthats just .. mean
14:26.34kierrai went to ##gu and ##duc
14:26.50kierrai am never mean
14:27.12bradshakes head ;P
14:27.37scottno, never
14:27.47scottnever ever ever
14:28.04kierraonly to scott
14:28.16kierrai know, never say never or always
14:28.28kierraso.....I try NOT to be mean
14:32.17kierraoffers scott an olive branch
14:32.39kierralol, almost wrote fig leaf and remembered at last second.....olive
14:33.05kierragoes away laughing
14:33.37kierragot to iron
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14:51.03scottTheRedBaron: urmom is trying to brand me!
14:51.59TheRedBaronscott: with the fluer-de-lis or the scarlet letter?
14:52.27scottim not sure... its on a part that i cant see!
14:52.36TheRedBaronyour feet?
15:31.41kierrarofl!!!!!!! g1 TRB
16:09.01*** join/##kierra sirquine (~quine@
17:25.55TheRedBaronoh god, Canadian satellites have gone sentient!
17:26.07TheRedBaron"October 6, 2011, the Anik F2 satellite experienced an attitude control issue and lost earth lock, affecting C, Ku and Ka services. The satellite went into safety mode and moved from pointing to the earth to pointing to the sun. This has put most of Northern Canada in the dark as all internet and phone services come in over F2."
17:35.10BulletCatcherDon't Canadian satellites know that they'll go blind if they look directly at the sun?
17:46.01TheRedBaronsilly canadian satallites.
18:01.51scottmaybe solar peoples want canadian pron?
18:42.05spldartStupid floppy head, beady eyed satellite.
19:50.16kierraMr BulletCatcher
19:50.28kierraare you available for a fm?
19:51.54scotta "fun meeting"?
19:53.23kierrafun old bzflag hag
19:55.19BulletCatcherNo, sorry.  I have an errand to run soon.
19:58.45kierraok, next time
20:08.04scotti should start playing again
20:08.07scottits been ages
20:08.16scottsince kierra was a little girl
20:36.18*** join/##kierra mdskpr_ (~mdskpr@
20:51.31spldartWow. BZFlag really is dead isn't it :(
20:54.38kierraits just not as alive as it used to be
20:55.11scotti remembered the multiple surges when /. would post stories on it
20:55.21scottnewbs everywhere!
20:56.11kierrai miss pwning derbender
20:56.32kierraor was it dasbender
20:57.26scotti had to change it a couple of times because of my "fans"
20:57.33kierrathought so....pillbox days
20:58.04scottsome dude on the overlord maps would troll me to no end
21:02.38scottwell, time to take my headache and go home
21:20.55kierracu scott
21:35.08spldartI loved overlord
21:35.28spldartthere was this real popular rabbit chase too
21:56.38*** join/##kierra Valumzie1 (
23:19.50kierra_away~pinch Constitution
23:19.50purlACTION scuttles after Constitution and pinches him vigorously
23:20.00kierra_awayfor leaving without comment
23:56.55*** part/##kierra kierra_away (~Jolie@unaffiliated/kierra)

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