IRC log for ##kierra on 20100310

00:35.02tokimiValumzie: is awkward calling him val when he is logged into it
02:54.53Valumzietokimi: I always thought so :)
02:55.18Valumzieevery time I hear him say something about Valumzie, I'm like "Hey! Its me!"
02:57.21scottthats just us talking about you
02:59.23Valumziescott: ;)
03:00.22scott2 more ships to move
03:00.50Valumziescott: sometimes, I do take trb's headset when he leaves his computer and talk to everybody
03:01.16scottcan you handle proper canadian?
03:03.03Valumziescott: hmmmm
03:03.16ValumzieI doubt it :P
03:03.54kierra_awayno worries, val, scott speaks only improperly ;)
03:04.08Valumziekierra_away: I had noticed that :)
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03:51.12kierra_awayValumzie: going to gmail you an order
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11:43.10CBGHi folks. Anyone here on twitter? :)
11:53.29ndimYupp, being followed by lots of spammer accounts and about a hand full of legit ones. But I have not tweeted anything after my initial tests, so that's OK I guess. :)
11:54.41ndimI have mainly set that up as a backup channel for communicating to the internet without needing internet access myself: Sending a text from my mobile will do.
12:24.44ndim~coffee kierra
12:24.45purlACTION steals some of catay's special coffee and gives it to kierra on a silver platter.
12:25.00kierraty ty ndim
12:25.04kierra~beer ndim
12:25.05purlACTION pours a pint of Dogfishhead 90min IPA for ndim
12:25.17ndimdrops over completely drunk
12:25.25kierraoh dear
12:25.37kierracorrupting a minor
12:25.44kierrawell, not a minor
12:25.45ndimYeah, minor.
12:27.13ndimpours himself a mug of milk.
12:27.45CBGndim: follow me: and I'll reciprocate :)
12:30.50ndimCBG: Don't be disappointed if I unfollow you some time in the future when I am in deal-with-information-overload mode.
12:33.27CBGNo worries :)
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13:37.33gn00bieI had almost forgotten that CBG was a Mac
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13:59.25gorgomolladyes and gentlemen , ciao ciao
14:09.40kierrawaves back
14:09.53Quolhow are you this fine morning mrs K?
14:25.02scotti'm fine thanks
14:25.29Quolyou didn't wave to I was just ignoring you
14:26.01scottwell K seems to be ignoring you and I felt bad for you :)
14:27.48Quollol - too true :)
14:28.02kierranot ignoring, cooking
14:28.08kierrahugs Quol
14:28.19scottwaits his turn
14:28.38kierradoesnt trust scott :(
14:28.53kierraQuol is a gentleman....i think
14:29.14Quolahh - thx K
14:29.30QuolI especially like the "I think" at the end :)
14:29.57scottgive him a few months and he'll be on the dark side as well...
14:29.59kierrai always leave room for surprises
14:30.20kierrascott is already known to me...
14:31.43scottbecause i dont wear pants?
14:31.51Quolscott, is there any way of figuring our which minerals are in which astroid fields? I went to about 30 astroid fields last night, and only found Veldspat...
14:32.21scottare you sure your overview is set to display all types?
14:32.34scottyou should have seen Scordite, Pyrox... etc
14:32.58Quoloooh, the overview can focus on certain minerals? I didn't know that
14:33.09scottyou can also just show ships
14:33.11Quolwas looking for Scordite
14:33.19scottscordite is everywhere
14:33.27scotti dont bother mining it myself
14:33.30Quolya, I know that...but didn't realise that you could focus in on certain minerals
14:33.48QuolI ended up just bying some pyerite and mexallon anyways
14:34.02Quolinstead of making it
14:35.45scottfor a mission?
14:36.16Quolya, needed to make 20 of some component (which I had the blueprints for)...and needed those two minerals
14:36.58Quolthe first industry mission - I am almost done. My next task is to make a shuttly
14:39.15Quolscott, is insurance even worth it? as it only lasts 12 weeks?
14:39.40scottis it only 12 weeks?
14:39.48scottit is if you are going into battle :)
14:39.56Quolwhen I lost my first ship, I purchased it for my next one, but it has been totally useless as I have since been received 2 other ships...
14:40.18scottwhen you get into battleships, you'll want to insure those
14:40.28scottinsuring T2 ships is useless
14:40.38scott'll only get the t1 price back
14:40.44Quolya - maybe I will wait and only purchase it on specfic shipe for specific events..
14:41.15scotti ahve never lost a battleship
14:41.28scotti still have mine from when i first started
14:41.45scottbut now that im going in 0.0 space... it could turn out differently :)
14:42.23QuolI have 5 ships now...and I just purchased a destroyer (I needed something as I didn't have cargo space, and I didn't have enough for a cruiser, and was that seemed to get me past this hump)
14:42.46Quolbut unfortunately, now I am down to 1 million $$, which is 2.5 million short of the cruiser
14:42.56QuolI will get there though
14:43.05scottwhich cruiser?
14:43.27Quolthe minmatar one...can't remeber the name
14:43.28scotti have like 5 or 6 stabbers sitting in my freighter if you wan to take a long trip
14:44.28Quolya - it was the stabber's I was after
14:44.45Quolthose seemed like a good mix of cargo space and warfare options
14:46.32Quolalthough, now looking at the specs, my destroyer has more slots/turrets, and with my 2 extended cargo bay options, I have more cargo space...
14:47.53kierraeve is evil
14:48.01kierrarobs you of bz time
14:48.21scottdont get caught up with cargo space
14:48.31scotti made that mistake at the biggining
14:49.23Quolbut for the industry mission, you need at least 500m3
14:49.41Quolthat's where I got stuck
14:50.06scottyou could do it in a couple trips
14:50.17Quolnot when you are building a shuttle :)
14:50.28scottdo you have the industrial skill bok yet?
14:50.36QuolI guess I could pod over to the station though and fly it back though
14:51.00Quolscott, ya, I am at industry level 3 at present
14:51.11scottthere you go
14:51.17scottget yourself an industrial ship
14:51.25scottand some cargo expanders
14:51.40scottthousnds of m3
14:52.18QuolI almost did last night, but opted for the that gives me 550m3 with my extended cargo options, and the 7 turret points and 1 launcher far it's meeting my needs
14:52.31scottyep yep
14:52.49scottin the end its all about fitting ;)
14:53.19Quolso know I have 2 miner turrets (which speed up mining), and 5 warfare turrets (125, 250, and 280mm launchers) :)
14:53.34QuolI should be OK with that for a while
14:53.41Quol*little* while :)
14:53.56scottif you want to get serious about mining work towards a retreiver first, then a hulk
14:54.12Quolya - was looking at the hulk's last night
14:54.14scottlearn drone skills for defence
14:54.14Quolhuge beasts
14:54.20scottthey are nice :)
14:54.30scottcrazy expensive now :/
14:55.13scotta retriever is a good first step
14:56.05Quolis the only way to get a Tech2 ship to buy a blueprint for it?
14:56.15QuolI didn't see any tech2 ships for sale on the market
14:56.45scottyou should?
14:56.49scottmost are on the market
14:56.57scottyou wont see T2 blueprints on the market
14:56.59Quolhmm...maybe I didn't look hard enough then
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14:57.44scottyou have no idea how extensive the T2 market is
14:57.58scottto build them takes alot of time and resources
14:58.06scottmostly its not worth it
14:58.16scottcheaper just to buy the stuff :)
14:58.43Quolya, the blueprints are crazy expensive
14:59.05scottas they should be :)
14:59.13scottcant have everyone building stuff :)
14:59.26Quolya...I guess
14:59.58Quolby tonight, all my learning skills will be at level 3 (all the ones that aren't 4.5 million that is)
15:01.24QuolI do wish that evemon could make changes to your queue (like add/remove skills from the queue)...but it looks like you have to do that in game...or am I missing something?
15:01.47scottnope, you have to do it in game
15:01.59Quolya - that's what I thought
15:02.23Quoldid you get a chance to try it in wine with the wine setting?
15:02.27Quoljust curious
15:02.45scotti will
15:02.52scottif i remember to :)
15:22.31scottQuol: i do have a stabber for you
15:22.39scottyou'll have to come pick it up :)
15:22.42Quoloooh - really
15:22.45Quolcool :)\
15:22.59Quoland when? :)
15:23.02scottcaldari space
15:23.16scottyou are amarin?
15:23.41QuolI am Minmatar
15:23.48scottyour name
15:23.52Quolya - I know
15:24.01scotti am asking if that is you...
15:24.21Quolya, Amarin Valdekan
15:24.49scottyou have 2 weeks to pick it up :)
15:24.59scottcheck your contracts next time you log on
15:25.02Quolwill try to do that tonight :)
15:25.12Quolthx man
15:25.17scottbuy a shuttle and fly it to the system it is in
15:25.25scottthen just sell the shuttle or trash it
15:25.49QuolI have 3 raptors - or whatever your first ship is called
15:25.53QuolI will just use one of them
15:26.08Quolactually, I have 5 if you count the ones at other bases
15:26.32scottnewb ships :)
15:26.48QuolI figured out that if you pod to anybase, you automatically get one of those stupid ships - and last night I had to travel to pick up my destroyer
15:27.05Quolso I podded and stopped at a bunch of bases just to check them out, and in each one I got a new ship - lol
15:27.30scottkierra: ping
15:27.47kierrapong, scott
15:27.51scottcan you get trb?
15:28.04scotttell him we have a problem in eve
15:28.26kierraright now?
15:28.30kierrahe's at work
15:28.33scottif possible
15:28.38scottnot sure if he can do anything
15:28.45scottif not dont worry about it
15:29.04kierragrumbles at being the messenger girl all the while
15:31.17kierrapromise to stop being fresh with me and I'll consider finding him
15:31.50scottif he cant log into eve from work, dont bother him
15:32.05kierrayou didnt promise yet
15:32.17scottone of our corpmates is freaking out at allaince higher ups
15:32.21scotti promise :)
15:32.35kierragoes to gtalk
15:32.36scottQ'aria > <b><url=showinfo:1386//927653513>Alyssa Barton</url></b> sascn get hold of this player now and tell him to chill
15:33.04scottQ'aria > <b><url=showinfo:1386//927653513>Alyssa Barton</url></b> you ever fight with a ME member again i will have you removed
15:34.23scotthes on gtalk?
15:34.31scotti'll add him
15:34.39kierrahe's signed in from home i think
15:34.47kierrano answer and he's not on IM
15:35.00scottk, not a problem
15:35.09scottlooks like our corp is full of wankers
15:42.32scottyou can eve from work now :)
15:43.01Quolya - I thought of doing that, and just have my home machine running it, and rdp to it through my SSH vpn that I have setup
15:43.11Quolbut perormance would be pretty crappe
15:43.17scottno, no
15:43.29scotttunnel your local eve client...
15:43.47Quolya..I don't know if I want a local eve client on this machine :)
15:43.54Quolthat's why I wanted it in a VM
15:44.02Quolthat *almost* worked
15:44.31Quoleve crashes after you log in, and the character screen pops up
15:44.50scottdirect x
15:44.57scottapparently vnc works
15:45.07scottits slow as fsck, but lets you change skills's a known problem with Virtualbox...I will test out the rdp over ssh thing :)
15:45.48Quolif I had a better videcard, I would test it out on wine on my server
15:45.55Quolbut I don't think that would work too well
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16:00.57TheRedBaronscott: yes ?
16:00.57scotthi honey
16:01.03TheRedBaronHi trouble
16:01.03scottare you a director?
16:01.20TheRedBaronis this a trap?
16:01.30scottwe have some allaince director going apeshit in allaince chat
16:01.39scottone of our corpmates
16:01.41TheRedBaronand whats his callsign?
16:01.45scottone sec
16:02.02scottQ'aria > <b><url=showinfo:1386//927653513>Alyssa Barton</url></b> sascn get hold of this player now and tell him to chill
16:02.12scottQ'aria > <b><url=showinfo:1386//927653513>Alyssa Barton</url></b> you ever fight with a ME member again i will have you  removed
16:02.27scottPax Ratlin > i don;t know i just have a director of SKMC going ape shit in alliance
16:03.00scotttold Alyssa to chill in corp chat, but he/she wasnt responding
16:03.24TheRedBaronwhat is alyssa's offense?
16:03.36TheRedBaronscott: lets take it PM
16:03.47scotttahts all i know for now :(
16:03.59scottmight want to take it up with Q'aria
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19:20.46TheRedBaronQuol plays?
19:21.02QuolTheRedBaron, plays?
19:25.22kierradid you talk to brad?
19:25.49Bambinokierra: about what?
19:26.15kierrawhat we talked about earlier?  the link
19:26.35scott"the link"
19:26.36Bambinois drawing a blank
19:27.49kierradid we or did we not talk on a server this morning?
19:28.01Bambinowe did not
19:28.09BambinoI haven't see you today
19:28.15Bambinosenior moment :D
19:28.28Bambinothis is the first time we talked today
19:28.32kierrahmmm, someone was on a server with a nick close to yours
19:28.51BambinoI have almost every variation of Bambino register
19:30.26bradwho did you talk to then kierra?
19:32.08kierrawell, i didnt pay attention to whether it had a + or not
19:32.17kierrawas on an FFA server
19:32.36Bambinoc'mon IP queen :)
19:32.41kierranext time I'll know better
19:32.56kierrawhat can i tell you....didnt check the ip
19:33.09kierra's ip queen crown slips
19:33.29Bambinobrad: I'll Pm you the map file
19:33.44bradthanks Bambino
19:33.48kierragoes in search of her halo
19:33.51Bambinoglad to help
19:34.53Bambinobrad: sent
19:35.39TheRedBaronQuol: eve
19:35.59scottTheRedBaron: he is playing with your mind
19:36.07QuolTheRedBaron, ya - I know, was just messing with ya...
19:36.10Quollol scott
19:36.29QuolTheRedBaron, it's all scott's fault
19:37.14Quol7 hours until I pick up my hand-me-down cruiser :)
19:37.26bradBambino: on OL?
19:37.34Bambinobrad: bzbb
19:37.36scotthurry, you only have 13days, 16 hours
19:37.37bradah k
19:37.42TheRedBaronQuol: I sense the influence of the sith lord scott in you
19:37.44kierraTRB, what do you think of this name for a 15 min hix map:  quickie hix ?
19:37.55scottoh my
19:37.56Quollol kierra
19:37.58BambinoI didn't want to paste a whole map file into a bzmail ;)
19:38.01orange_kierra: not a good idea :-)
19:38.01kierra"play the map you love with the time you have
19:38.09TheRedBaronscott: of course you'd jump on that.
19:38.11bradsee kierra...not just me :P
19:38.17scotti know i know
19:38.21kierrai thought it clever
19:38.31scottkierra: yeah, its got trouble written all over it
19:38.32Bambinowho wants a quickie!!
19:38.38TheRedBaronkierra: seeing as the majority of bz is male.  I cannot recommend that title
19:38.39QuolI never enjoyed quickies
19:38.43BambinoI mean, quickie hix!
19:38.54scottQuol likes it nice and slow
19:38.58TheRedBaronyea, sexual harrassement suits in 3, 2, 1.....
19:38.58scottso he knows you care
19:39.02Quoloh boy
19:39.05orange_this is going downhill fast
19:39.06kierraforgot about the testosterone element
19:39.13TheRedBaronblames orange_
19:39.31*** join/##kierra orange (~mdw@about/essy/gummy/orange)
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19:39.45kierrarethinks the gentleman adjective
19:39.47Quolok - I will stop now - sry about htat :)
19:39.59scottim not :)
19:40.03kierraquix hix
19:40.09TheRedBaronkierra: i'd recommend a thesaurus
19:40.12Quolya - that's alright
19:40.20TheRedBaronyea, Quix Hix is better
19:40.23kierrai did a thesaurus
19:40.38Bambinomap credits go to me?
19:40.40TheRedBaronexcept for scott of course, he still won't be able to get the original out of his head.
19:40.43Bambinofor the mods...
19:40.45bradthe thesaurus came up with "posthaste hix"
19:40.58QuolTheRedBaron, did you get everything figure out in eve that that person who was freaking out?
19:40.58orangehow about "less is more -- 15 minutes of hix is much less painful than having to play that stupid map for 30 minutes"
19:41.02kierraspeedy hix
19:41.05orangemaybe that is too long though
19:41.07brad~lart orange
19:41.07purlgives orange a "free" copy of Windows and then charges double for "Upgrades"
19:41.20kierra@ orange, ts would love that one
19:41.57TheRedBaronbrad: should appeal to you proper sanguine british types :P
19:42.18TheRedBaronRighto chap, how about a match, posthaste.  Wot wot?
19:43.03kierragoes back to frying brain cells with polyurethane fumes
19:43.04TheRedBaron"I daresay, the 30min variety is bloody long.  Just like the queen's reign!"
19:43.26scottWHO WANTS A QUICKY HIX?!
19:44.07Bambinojumps up and down on the spot yelling "me! me! me!"
19:48.10QuolI always find that with the Ducati quick matches, I just start getting into it, and it ends...
19:48.53Quolespecially if I am shooting TheRedBaron...I could do that all day long :)
19:49.06Quoland scott, that's fun too
19:51.30*** join/##kierra tokimi (~jason@about/essy/Eragon/tokimi)
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19:55.13TheRedBaronQuol: same here
19:56.10*** join/##kierra Pimpinella (
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19:56.25TheRedBaronlogin, looks like a nice public match.  dies within 10mins :(
20:20.17*** join/##kierra Bambino (
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20:24.32Bambinokierra: could you check out my latest post on OL regarding the FFA match
20:26.22kierrabambino are you on bzf 54 right now
20:26.29kierracuz there is a bambino. on
20:28.26Bambinokierra: I use Bambino. on bzf because I am BZID banned there
20:28.33Bambinolocal auth ftw
20:37.55Bambinobrad: ping
20:38.45TheRedBaronsteals brad's ping
20:44.03*** join/##kierra Valumzie (
20:48.50scottValumzie: mining tonight?
20:50.21BambinoGU site is down.....AGAIN
20:51.06orangethat's a good thing... saves people from having to play that awful hix map
20:51.21Bambinoso play QUICKIE HIX
20:51.23orangeoh wait, I'm only allowed one hix dig per day
20:51.41orangebut in my defense, it was brought up twice, independently
20:53.06orangeactually the map itself isn't that bad... what's bad about the league is the people who have memorized every possible shot that rico's off four different pyramids to end up in exactly the right spot to kill someone all the way across the map
20:54.52Bambinothat's why duc is great
20:55.26ndimducati FTW
20:55.31orangeducati would be awful if the maps weren't random
20:55.44scotti like spirals
20:56.07Bambinoducati wouldn't be ducati without randomness :)
20:56.22kierraloves ducati
20:57.29ndim♥ ducati
20:57.39scottits a dutch thing
20:57.48ndimEven though I have not played in ages.
20:57.54scottyou must wear wood clogs
20:58.14ndimWhat is Dutch (besides catay)?
22:27.01*** mode/##kierra [+o Valumzie] by ChanServ
22:29.10*** join/##kierra kierra (~jolie@unaffiliated/kierra)
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23:31.34scottValumz > ug i'm just a fail t1 pilot :)
23:31.44scottkierra_away: ^ put that in topic please
23:35.32Valumziescott: ? :)
23:57.19scottno, not you :)

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