IRC log for ##kierra on 20090422

00:01.17jh`so says the cheater
00:02.24jh`this time i have proof
00:02.37Carnage00ahuh and whats that?
00:03.25Carnage00well make sure you go through proper channels
00:03.30Carnage00and gl with it :)
00:07.11jh`you cheat with spawns
00:09.50jh`and in time i will prove it...if i want
00:10.13jh`though i dont have much will
00:15.16jh`i have found out it is possible
00:15.37jh`so this scum like carnage can be using it
00:15.54Carnage00lol cheat thru spawns
00:16.04Carnage00go ask some cheats you cant predict spawns
00:16.06Carnage00its server
00:16.09Carnage00read code :)
00:16.47Carnage00as well as spawning to early IIRC :)
00:19.44jh`i have been told its possible
00:19.51jh`so fuck you
00:20.24Carnage00your making an a.. of yourself
00:20.32Carnage00picking spawns is possible?
00:20.39jh`it is
00:20.48Carnage00server picks
00:20.53Carnage00after u spawn
00:21.02Carnage00u can tell server i want to spawn 0,0,0
00:21.09Carnage00on replay its noticible :)
00:21.21Carnage00u have replay :P
00:21.34jh`you even admit it
00:21.39Carnage00i admit it possible
00:21.55Carnage00there were problems with a few gu players who had a perfect middle spawn
00:21.55jh`and you did it many times
00:22.25Carnage00well, hand your 'proof' to whoever you like
00:23.06jh`i will
00:23.10Carnage00so copy and paste this convo
00:24.15Carnage00tanks can teleport to any position after the server picks their spawn but its obvious that someone changed their spawn
00:25.43jh`your spawns have been way too lucky carnage
00:25.55jh`and thats no shit
00:26.32jh`i wanted to trust a cheater but...
00:26.59jh`i have noticed that from start
00:27.18Carnage00jh, serious ur a ref
00:27.43jh`and i know what i see
00:27.49Carnage00if you dont say such things at least have respect for the people who gave you power for the position your are in
00:28.48Carnage00oh sry.. tired
00:28.53Carnage00i just dont think
00:28.58Carnage00that you being a ref
00:29.05Carnage00should talk the way you do
00:29.14Carnage00in public
00:29.39gn00biepersonally, a few cheaters are an OK price to pay for an open source game
00:29.44gn00biecheaters will do what they want
00:29.58Carnage00jh' luck is luck
00:30.01Carnage00read code
00:30.17Carnage00great luck to spawn near flags, as well as spawning near teammate
00:31.04jh`you say read code
00:31.15jh`what do you mean by that?
00:31.23Carnage00its in the code where you spawn
00:31.40Carnage00i really didnt really spawn code :P
00:31.58Carnage00but i know u cant change it , until after you spawn
00:32.11jh`but just after you can
00:32.37Carnage00but everything is on replay
00:32.41Carnage00that is a blantant cheat
00:32.51Carnage00replay would show me spawn say middle
00:32.54gn00bieI love blantant cheats
00:32.58Carnage00than teleporting to another position
00:34.17Carnage00do you understand
00:34.21jh`guess where i just was carnage
00:34.30Carnage00replay :)
00:34.36jh`in a business meeting that lasted all nite
00:34.47Carnage00ohhh :)
00:35.02jh`we drank a lot
00:35.19jh`its not my fault
00:35.55jh`then i drove back home which cost 100 dollars to the company
00:36.12Carnage00your funny jh
00:36.13jh`taxis are expenive
00:36.20Carnage00you cheat cheat cheat, i proof..
00:36.26Carnage00silly boy
00:38.16Carnage00see :)
00:38.28jh`i cheat too
00:38.34Carnage00good for u
00:39.11jh`we all cheat!
00:39.35Carnage00you mean you cheat in life?
00:39.46jh`no in the game
00:40.28Carnage00ahu whats your cheat :)
00:43.18Carnage00ive been tempted to make that 1 to keep players like you happy :P
00:44.45Carnage00wonders what kierra will do after she reads logs
00:45.47jh`ban you?
00:46.11Carnage00i havent done anything wrong
00:46.23Carnage00she might ban you tho
00:46.30Carnage00you get angry when you drink
00:46.39jh`nah i just get bored
00:47.11jh`she can ban me all she wants
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00:48.12jh`actually...that would be refreshing
00:48.33mvironsends jh` to timbuktu
00:49.03jh`only one can unbore me is Valumzie
00:50.08jh`my boss promised i could stay home tomorrow...
00:52.12jh`carnage its just boredome
00:52.25jh`not anger
00:53.35mvironzaps jh`
01:13.11mvironjh`: how goes?
01:19.35mvironhow's the weather been?
01:21.21jh`well you know, its spring
01:22.08jh`light is coming out
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10:16.31*** topic/##kierra is Welcome: || ñ |||“Never walk when you can dance; never cry when you can laugh; never talk when you can sing and never hate when you can love." ||“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.” ||
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13:49.32kierra"One man with a gun can control 100 without one. " Lenin
13:51.16kierra“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Lenin
13:52.21kierra“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency”  Lenin
13:52.32scottsmart man
13:53.18kierratoday is his birthday
13:53.54kierraThose who dont know history are doomed to repeat it
13:53.56scottand look whats happening to our currency now :)
13:54.25scottcapitalism was getting out of control anyway
13:54.28kierra“[It was Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union and father of global communism, who once said capitalists would give communists the technical, material and financial help they need to prevail in their ideological tug of war with the world's democracies.] To put it in other words, ... they will work on the preparation of their own suicide.”
13:55.12kierra“The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses”
13:55.22*** mode/##kierra [+o brad] by kierra
13:55.28kierraspanks brad
13:55.37kierrathen mutes him
13:55.42scotttakes pics, sells them on the net
13:56.11*** kick/##kierra [brad!] by brad (bad brad..)
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14:00.18kierrai bet scott votes lan
14:00.41scotthow did you jump from 282 to 422?
14:01.53scottgirl, you're all over the map!
14:01.56kierrayou have no idea of my capabilies
14:02.14scottbut i've heard stories...
14:03.44scottyou and your innuendos
14:04.55kierrayou and your gutter mind
14:05.21kierrayou turn an innocent phrase into....w/e
14:08.26CBGhugs kierra
14:12.04kierrahey CBG
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18:40.01moriah~lart Carnage00
18:40.01purlkeeps mailing Carnage00 free America Online CDs until he drowns
18:55.01Carnage00hey morriah
19:02.55moriahhi C
19:03.24CBGwonders if he was at all out of line in this thread at a table football forum:
19:04.18CBG"Perhaps Dan doesn't particularly value the view of someone who hasn't played very long" is technically true, I've only been to one tournament. But I have been a member of the forum for a year and I wasn't suggesting any of the more experienced members were wrong...
19:13.21moriah:) have grown
19:15.23CBGmoriah: heh? Why do you say that?
19:16.17moriahcuz I remember you from 4 + yrs ago ;)
19:16.54CBGAw....! :(
19:17.10CBGHow have I grown? :P Seems the foosball people would disagree with you...
19:27.34moriahwell, i remember how you used to rant and rave
19:28.11CBGMe? Never!!!
19:30.41CBGHere's a quote for you, moriah: From his neck down a man is worth a couple of dollars a day, from his neck up he is worth anything that his brain can produce.  :)
19:45.34moriahi'll take a man with heart!
19:45.48moriah~lart brad
19:45.48purlstrangles brad with a doohicky mouse cord
19:46.05moriahhow appropo
19:56.33Manuhugs moriah
20:01.48moriah:) Manu
20:01.54moriahhugs Manu
20:32.42moriah~seen menotume
20:32.44purlmenotume <n=menotume@bzflag/contributor/menotume> was last seen on IRC in channel ##kierra, 15d 3h 45m 40s ago, saying: 'who be that ?'.
20:40.28Manu~seen kierra
20:40.29purlkierra <n=jolie@unaffiliated/kierra> was last seen on IRC in channel ##kierra, 6h 28m 25s ago, saying: 'hey CBG'.
20:42.09moriah~rubberband Manu
20:42.10purlACTION sneaks around the house, yard and town, collecting every rubberband there is, and then camps at a prime location, waiting for Manu to walk by so he can pelt Manu with thousands and thousands of rubberbands
20:42.35Manu~poke moriah
20:42.36purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind moriah, pokes moriah repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
20:42.43moriah~fry Manu
20:42.44purlACTION grabs Manu and fries him on his BFCooker9000
20:42.48moriah~cook Manu
20:42.49purlACTION throws Manu in a big pan with veggies inside and cooks Manu on 350 for an hour
20:42.52moriah~bite Manu
20:42.53purlACTION takes a big bite out of Manu's jugular vein
20:42.57Manu~eat moriah
20:42.57purlACTION slurps up all the moriah available
20:43.25Manu~work moriah
20:43.26purlACTION looks over the shoulder of moriah to see what needs to be done and then sets the elves to work getting it all done so moriah can play bzflag
20:46.27moriahvery sweet, Manu
20:47.39Manuit's purl, who else ;)
20:56.47moriahtrue....I take back the sweet then
20:58.14CBGhugs moriah
21:05.07moriahwork is done at the ofc   \o/
21:05.13moriahcu cu
21:05.29moriah~pinch brad
21:05.30purlACTION scuttles after brad, pinches him, and then scuttles away
21:05.41*** part/##kierra moriah (i=d8ada652@gateway/web/ajax/
21:16.53*** part/##kierra LongDon (
22:15.06ValumzieI know, this is a rare event :P
22:15.50CBGhugs Valumzie
22:16.05catayyou probably don't mean it anyway :P
22:16.28Valumziehey CBG!
22:16.32Valumziecatay: of course I do!
22:16.39Valumzieespecially after your message on fb :D
22:16.46Valumziehugs CBG back
22:16.53CBGYay :D
22:17.38CBGI hugged kierra twice today, no return hug either time. :( She is slipping...
22:20.18catayValumzie: i know nothing :p
22:25.54Valumziecatay: :P
22:28.45catayshe is grumpy, that's the only explanation :P
22:29.00catayah, she is not here  .. pheew :)
22:29.04Valumziekierra is grumpy?
22:29.09Valumzieis that news?!
22:29.18Valumzielikes it when kierra is not around :D
22:29.21catayi neither confirm or deny :p
22:31.50CBGkierra is not grumpy!! She's just not very huggy today...
22:46.52Valumzietherefore, she is grumpy!
22:46.56Valumziethats quite logical :)
22:52.25CBGYou're grumpy!
22:52.49*** join/##kierra _ep (
22:53.27CBGWow. Nothing like people you don't know sticking up for your on the internet to make you smile. xD
22:56.06ValumzieCBG: making me grumpy is tough
22:56.21Valumzieonly mean people make me real grumpy
22:56.32CBGToo tough for me to waste my time trying...? :P
22:56.39Valumzieindeed :)
22:56.55ValumzieI am resistant to a lot.... remember, I married TRB :P
22:57.41catayor mondays
22:57.49catayand i should go to bed :p
22:58.41CBGI'll join catay... Budge over buddy!
22:58.48bradim just reading..
22:59.26CBGpssst, brad, kierra's not here :P
23:01.34*** join/##kierra mviron (
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