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01:58.50kierraai, quantumdot!
01:59.29orangeyou have to be faster
02:04.24orangein and out tonight
02:04.26orangealways, really
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03:41.35brlcadTheRedBaron: I've had the 30-year Macallan
03:42.23brlcad(and just about everything younger)
03:42.42brlcadnot really one of my favorites
03:43.34gn00biebrlcad: I prefer Aberlour Abunadh to the Macallans I have had
03:43.55gn00biethe 30yo could be something special I guess
03:44.11gn00bieif I am in the mood for a speysider, Aberlour it is
03:48.18brlcadyeah, aberlour is much better
03:48.52brlcadthusfar, though, Balvenie has been my favorite (30-yr)
03:49.01brlcad(it's a speyside too)
03:49.12gn00bieI am more of an Islay man myself
03:49.57brlcadmm, Laphroaig is good
03:50.19brlcadBowmore I have to be in a mood for.. ultra peaty
03:50.20gn00bieLaphroaig is pretty good, and if you have not tried out Ardbeg, you should
03:51.03gn00bieArdbeg is this wonderfully balanced whisky, I would say under a 100 bucks, it is a dead heat between the Aberlour cask strength stuff and Ardbeg
03:51.12gn00bieTalisker rounds it out into a 3 way tie
03:51.17brlcadnot tried ardbeg
03:51.49gn00biebrlcad: you should, it is just super good, it is wonderfully balanced
03:52.25gn00bienow the Abunadh is a different style, but I rate Ardbeg at slightly better than the Abunadh
03:52.58brlcadi shall have to give it a go
03:55.28brlcadcurious history
03:56.28brlcadthe distillery was briefly closed, then limited produciton, yet still have a 17 and 25 year
03:56.45orangethey stole it
03:56.47gn00bieyes, it was a shame
03:56.53gn00bieI would stick with the 10yo
03:57.07gn00bieit is under a 50 bucks, and the best under a 50 bucks you can spend
03:57.27brlcadit was closed from 27yr to 19yr ago .. so anything in that range is .. curious :)
03:57.43brlcadI suppose 17 year should be within when they reopened now
03:58.14gn00biebrlcad: a whisky stops aging once you bottle it, so it is probably leftover stuff from way back that has sat in a bottle for 10 odd years?
03:58.32brlcadi tend to really appreciate the smoothness of the older aged ones over the harsh younger flavors
03:58.46brlcadah, perhaps
03:59.01gn00biebrlcad: I am one for a robust malt, but Ardbeg is super smooth
03:59.24gn00biebut having said that, I have had a couple of 21yo, most of my experience is with 8 to 15yo stuff
03:59.39gn00biecannot afford the more expensive stuff (DoDa will kill me)
04:00.51gn00biebrlcad: though orange here is a macallan man
04:01.02orangeI'm no expert
04:01.05orangebut I enjoy what I have
04:01.48gn00bieMacallan is not half bad, but for the same buck, you get better whiskies of a similar class
04:02.09brlcadit's not that macallan is bad, I have a couple bottles right now :)
04:02.42gn00biebrlcad: I may have to invite myself over one of these days :P
04:03.02brlcadgn00bie: any time :)
04:04.10gn00bieit is good to know that there is a population out there that thinks beyond JWalker Black when thinking scotch
04:04.26gn00bieonce again, Black is a pretty decent whisky, but for the price, I would much rather have something else
04:05.41brlcadbleh, I've had the Blue just to compare and wasn't impressed
04:06.10brlcaddefinitely smoother, but still a funky walker taste that just begs for something to mix it with
04:06.26gn00bieblue is proof that a fool and his money are parted soon
04:07.14gn00biewell Walker and Regal served a very different purpose as cognac replacement in britain, so for that purpose, they are OK drinks
04:08.57brlcadwhich is exactly why I didn't buy the bottle
04:09.15gn00biemy dad is a chivas regal man, I got him 2 bottles of the 18yo stuff for his burrday last year
04:09.35brlcadone of the nice perks of getting put up in nice hotels, can try one overpriced glass just to get a good sample, see if the bottle is worth it
04:09.35gn00biecannot say I understand it, but he seemed to enjoy it, so oh well
04:09.53gn00biehow much was a glass of blue?
04:10.14brlcadI probably saved $500 or more last summer alone that way ;)
04:10.39brlcadmm, it was 20 or 30
04:10.53brlcadusual price for a top shelf
04:11.29gn00bieI have had green once someplace in NYC a couple of years back
04:11.50gn00bieI came away distinctly unimpressed, though to be fair, not sure how long the bottle had been open etc
04:12.29gn00bieI will sip on a black if that is the only thing available at a bar, blends are just a waste of good single malts in my opinion
04:17.22brlcadis getting thirsty
04:26.38TheRedBarontakes notes
04:27.51TheRedBaronbought Valumzie a 12yo Macallan for her birthday
04:28.16TheRedBaronwas by far the nicest whiskey I've ever tasted - which is a very very very narrow scope :)
04:28.31brlcadmakes a lovely gift
04:28.52brlcadit's an excellent introduction scotch too
04:29.13brlcadI usually start friends off there, then take them to a few extremes to compare
04:29.53brlcadsomething really peaty and young, something young and very mild, something very old, etc
04:32.03brlcadyou often can't tell in isolation .. yet put a quarter shot of one against another with a glass of water in between and people start to get it
04:32.23TheRedBaronbrlcad: Valumzie is wondering if you've ever had a smoked whiskey
04:32.40brlcada smoked whiskey such as?
04:33.08brlcadnot sure what that means, so probably not
04:33.26TheRedBaronwhiskey thats aged in burnt barrels?
04:33.46gn00biewell, most whiskies are aged in bourbon barrels, which are charred
04:34.36Valumziethose are some of the names I have been given for smoked ones: Bowmore, Laphroaig, Talisker
04:35.00gn00bieoh oh, there is no barrel burning involved there, just the malting is very very very peaty
04:35.25gn00biethough more than likely, most of these whiskies are aged in bourbon casks, which like I said, are charred
04:35.46brlcadgn00bie: that's part of why I love the balvenie 21 portwood, aged in oak basks, finished in port wine casks
04:35.57TheRedBaronshe says the french term for those whiskies means "smoked"
04:36.06TheRedBaronthats why she was using that term :)
04:36.38brlcadValumzie: that's the "peaty" flavor .. for all intensive purposes peaty == smoked
04:37.00gn00biebrlcad: if you prefer sherried and ported whiskies, I find that a talisker is much more satisfying
04:37.50gn00bieTheRedBaron: I am tempted to make some remarks about your MiL and smoke, but I am not gonna :P
04:38.09brlcadgn00bie: hm, not for me, though I've not had an older talisker in fairness
04:38.11TheRedBarongn00bie: such constraint! this is not typical of you ;)
04:38.55gn00biebrlcad: my budget constrains me to 15yo and lesser taliskers (and most whiskies for that matter) - so whatever I am saying is based in that temporal space ;)
04:39.12brlcadgn00bie: have you tried balvenie?
04:39.23gn00bieTheRedBaron: well, DoDa comes in under a week, Valumzie shows her stuff from backlog, I am D.E.A.D.
04:39.32brlcadshould give the 12 year a try, I love that flavor
04:40.06gn00biebrlcad: I have had balvenie doublewood 12yo and a 15yo french reserve or something
04:40.13gn00biedecent speysiders, better than macallan for sure
04:41.12gn00bieTheRedBaron: But, I don't want to push my chips forward and go out and meet something I don't understand. A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He'd have to say, "O.K., I'll be part of this world."
04:41.29gn00biesomething I don't understand = interaction between DoDa and Valumzie
04:41.47TheRedBarongn00bie: i was surprised too :)
04:41.49gn00biebrlcad: we have to get TheRedBaron up to speed here
04:42.04Valumzieyou guys are so weird...
04:42.12TheRedBaronI think is their common "suffering" that made them friends so fast :P
04:42.25Valumziewe are both Europeans!
04:42.29Valumzieand short :D
04:42.31Valumzieand very cute
04:42.35Valumzieand lot of fun :D
04:42.45brlcadTheRedBaron: there's no suffering here ;)
04:42.48gn00bieTheRedBaron: I do not fully understand how vertically challenged carbon based lifeforms bond with each other, there might have been something because of that
04:43.02brlcadValumzie: TheRedBaron doesn't look very short..
04:43.07brlcadnow you on the other hand.. :)
04:43.14gn00biebrlcad: no, but my DoDa is very short
04:43.23gn00bieok I did not say short, vertically challenged
04:43.34brlcaddifferent "we", got it
04:43.34gn00bieDoDa = director of domestic affairs
04:43.48gn00bieDoDa != Department of Defence affairs
04:43.56Valumziethats why my motto is: the shortest, the cutest - cause more cuteness stored in a smaller area :)
04:44.38gn00bieValumzie: my motto is : I am tall, dark, and handsome (2/3 ain't bad)
04:44.49brlcadValumzie: that's a great motto ;)
04:45.30gn00biewhere is orange the egg?
04:45.43gn00bieorange: stand and deliver (a speech) or the devil he may take ya
04:47.37TheRedBaronmv orange /dev/juicer
04:48.27gn00biewell, in this case, devil = /dev/juicer
04:48.48gn00biebrlcad: so, any progress with the hairdresser?
04:49.14brlcadI've not needed a haircut yet, so no :)
04:49.21gn00biewith your knowledge of scotch, I know I would fall for you
04:49.29gn00biethough I highly doubt you would want that ;P
04:49.44brlcadI highly doubt that too :)
04:52.01gn00biemy cuteness is highly questionable to non-existent
04:52.36TheRedBarongn00bie: alas - i cannot vouch for you cuteness
04:52.43TheRedBaronyour genius however - is undeniable
04:52.55brlcadis unabashedly cute per Valumzie's motto
04:53.11TheRedBaronwell then in that case...
04:53.17TheRedBaronsends brlcad back to the hairdresser
04:53.40gn00biebrlcad: are you vertically challenged?
04:53.48brlcadgn00bie: no, I'm just short ;)
04:53.57gn00bieTheRedBaron: you can vouch for my non-cuteness :)
04:54.32Valumzieshort is good :)
04:54.34gn00biebrlcad: short is a prejorative term, much like the n word
04:54.41gn00bieillegal mexicans = undocumented americans
04:54.51gn00bieshort people = vertically challenged folks
04:54.53gn00bieetc etc
04:55.02gn00biehillbillies = applachian americans
04:55.42gn00bieto quote kabir - bada hua to kya hua, jaise ped khajur, panchi ko chayya nahi, fal lage ati door
04:56.04TheRedBarongesundheit ?
04:56.15gn00bieso what if you are tall, like a date palm, birds cannot nest in you, and your fruit is too far away to be picked easily
04:57.02gn00bieto quote ancient sanskit text - namanti gunina jana, namanti falino vriksha, shush vrikshascha murkascha na namanti kadachana
04:57.09brlcadgn00bie: ah, screw that -- being "politically correct" has never been my cup of tea
04:57.57gn00biethe men with good qualities are polite, the tree with a lot of fruit is willing to bend and bow down, the dead dry tree and the idiot do not bow down in front of others
04:58.10brlcadxkcd put it rather nicely,
04:58.12gn00biebrlcad: or your dram of whisky?
04:59.44TheRedBaronbrlcad: do you like to read?
04:59.53brlcadTheRedBaron: absolutely
05:00.40brlcadtry to read at least one research paper a week
05:01.04gn00bieI think about writing a paper a month
05:01.16brlcadi'm apparently a book whore too, lots of text books
05:01.25gn00biebut usually a quick email to coworkers with the essential details is all that tends to happen
05:01.40brlcadgn00bie: oh, I think about that every couple days, if not several times a day
05:01.49brlcadgoes with the work
05:02.10TheRedBaronI used to be a prolific reader
05:02.24TheRedBaronthen I got into computers ;)
05:02.53TheRedBaronyet still - whenever I walk into a bookstore - I always end up coming out with at least 3 books :)
05:03.33TheRedBaronI acquired my first library card at 6 years old - and I've worn it out. Yet I still have it :D
05:03.40gn00bieTheRedBaron: I feel sorry for you unilinguist people,
05:03.59brlcadTheRedBaron: I have problems borrowing from the library ..
05:04.06brlcadI tend to not bring the books back :)
05:04.14TheRedBarongn00bie: oh?
05:04.57TheRedBaronI feel mildly ashamed for only knowing one language - but not self-pity :)
05:05.15gn00bieTheRedBaron: there is just so much more literature out there that you will never read
05:05.40TheRedBarontranslations :D
05:05.55gn00bieI am fluent in two languages, barely passable in two others, I cannot imagine speaking and understanding just one language
05:06.30TheRedBaronbut even then - I just recently discovered that the english version of my favorite childhood book "Count of Monte Cristo" is an abridged version :(
05:06.59TheRedBarononly a few years back did a publisher go back and re-translate it from the original french and republish it
05:07.06gn00bieoh everything gets lost in translation
05:07.19gn00biecount of monte cristo is not a book, it is a freaking tome!
05:07.53TheRedBaronyup - 1200 pages of rich glory
05:08.40TheRedBaronand little do people know - is that the three musketeers is only the first book in a trilogy :(
05:10.02gn00bieTheRedBaron: you should learn french now that you have a french speaking wife
05:11.19TheRedBaroni should.  I should also learn spanish, seeing as my mom speaks it fluently along with a large part of my extended family
05:12.03gn00biewell, a large part of your extended family also speaks french
05:12.22gn00biefrom your mom's side, I encourage you to scream more when you are in the GTO :P
05:12.23Valumzieoh, I read the Count of Monte Cristo in French over the Summer; that was AWESOME!
05:12.41ValumzieIm planning on read the Three Musketeers next :)
05:13.11TheRedBarongn00bie: I was shocked and floored when I discovered that my Valumzie, a native french speaker and A masters in public history, had never read any of the works by Sir Alexander Dumas
05:13.14gn00biethough to be fair to you TheRedBaron - there was no tailout stuff when you were in the car, just not familiar enough with the lay of land to try stuff like that
05:13.39gn00bieTheRedBaron: that is precisely why I asked Valumzie's mom - what did you pay TheRedBaron? :P
05:14.03ValumzieThey made me read a lot of other French authors in school...
05:14.15gn00bieTheRedBaron: though let me put it out there, Dumas is overrated, at least in english
05:14.23Valumzieyet, my own father was also depressed when he heard the news about The Count of Monte Cristo
05:14.30TheRedBaron~lart gn00bie
05:14.30purlpries gn00bie's back open with a screwdriver and flashes a new bootldr to gn00bie
05:14.54TheRedBaronsends gn00bie back to read the Count of Monte Cristo.
05:15.01gn00bieTheRedBaron: I take it from the lart that you got $0, i.e. you got snookered? :P
05:15.09TheRedBaronValumzie: did they make you read any Rousseau ?
05:15.24TheRedBarongn00bie: i did :(
05:15.37gn00bieTheRedBaron: well, ermm.. sorry to hear that
05:15.43gn00bie~console TheRedBaron
05:15.44purlACTION gives TheRedBaron the consolation moose
05:15.49TheRedBarongn00bie: have you read the short story, "The most Dangerous Game" ?
05:16.02gn00bieTheRedBaron: nope, cannot say I have
05:16.32gn00bieremember, english is my second or third language!
05:17.47gn00bieTheRedBaron: ah thanks, I need to read up on a lot of american fiction
05:18.22TheRedBaronsadly or not - I only read fiction while a teenager.  But I had a strict rule.  No works of fiction less then 50 years old :P
05:18.33gn00bieI intend to read Faulkner at some point
05:18.53ValumzieFaulkner is real tough to read
05:18.56Valumziebut amazing
05:19.02gn00bieoh there are some pretty good works in the last 50 years, no country for old men, fight club,
05:19.24TheRedBarongn00bie: have you read the works of Mark Twain?
05:19.38gn00bieone disadvantage of going to an engineering only school, everyone either reads SF, or porn
05:20.00gn00bieTheRedBaron: tom sawyer and huckelberry finn yes, but there is a lot of twain that I have not read
05:20.25gn00bieTheRedBaron: when you come up to CT, the birthplace of Twain is a couple of hours away
05:20.43TheRedBarongn00bie: you need to read: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court.
05:21.08TheRedBaronits a 'light' read but has all the acerbic wit of Twain :)
05:21.32gn00bietwain  is dead but he is still funny
05:21.58gn00bieTheRedBaron: another good book from the last 50 years - a clockwork orange
05:22.09TheRedBaronthat book has my favorite quote. "Dictatorship is the best form of government when in the right hands - My hands"
05:23.23gn00biemy favourite quote is not in english
05:25.18TheRedBaronwe lost brlcad
05:25.56gn00bieyeah, I think we lost him when we mentioned the hairdresser
05:26.36TheRedBarongn00bie: I did make exceptions to my 50 year rule.  examples being George Orwell, Fahrenheit 451, etc.  Alot of political books.
05:27.16gn00bieTheRedBaron: orwell is good, Fahrenheit is good
05:27.41brlcadsips a glass of aberlour 16 quietly
05:27.48gn00bieoh snap
05:27.59gn00biegoes to pour Ardbeg 10yo
05:28.06TheRedBaronEver read: 'The Giver' by lowis lowry ?
05:29.01TheRedBaronor any works by C.S Lewis?
05:29.16gn00biebrlcad: cheers ( though I prefer the abunadh over the 16yo)
05:29.47gn00bieTheRedBaron: the lowis lowry similar to CS Lewis?
05:32.22TheRedBarongn00bie: nope
05:33.59gn00bieTheRedBaron: like I said, the scope of literature in a engineering only school is fairly limited :P
05:34.45TheRedBaronEdger Allen Poe ?
05:36.03TheRedBaronOscar Wilde ?
05:36.06gn00bieno, not really, think And Quiet flows the Don (Mikhail Sholokov), Arthur C Clarke (pretty much all), Issac Asimov, etc
05:36.19gn00bieOscar wilde - only the collected short stories
05:37.25gn00bieare you going to put a for sale sign on me now
05:37.28TheRedBarongn00bie: Read Jack London's "Sea Wolf"
05:37.36TheRedBaronThats one of my favorite Books.
05:38.05gn00bietell you what, I will hit Barnes and Nobles with 100 bucks
05:38.08gn00bieyou give me a list
05:40.01TheRedBarongn00bie: let me know what you feel like reading :)
05:40.36gn00biewill do, probably after DoDa comes back ;)
05:43.08TheRedBaronif you like Science fiction - look up Eric Nylund :)
05:43.28TheRedBaronSignal to noise, Signal Shattered, and Game of Universe :)
05:44.02TheRedBaronhis other works are ok.
05:44.14gn00bieEric Nylund, lemme google
05:44.16TheRedBaronbut those three are an excellent read
05:44.36gn00bieah a young whippersnapper
05:44.39gn00bielike you
05:45.10gn00bieoh no
05:45.17gn00biehe is employed by the dark side
05:46.50TheRedBarononly for the halo series - these works are pre-employment :P
05:47.18TheRedBaronand 1964? he is not a young whippersnapper like me :P
05:48.55gn00bieTheRedBaron: compared to say Arthur C Clarke or Asimov (me) he is a whippersnapper (you)
05:49.02TheRedBaronor verne
05:49.21TheRedBaronor H.G. Wells
05:49.41TheRedBaronPlease tell me you know Verne and H.G. Wells
05:49.53gn00bieread all of Verne I think
05:50.05TheRedBaronand Wells?
05:50.09gn00bie20,000 leagues under the sea, journey to the center of the earth, etc
05:50.15gn00biewells read most of him
05:50.55TheRedBaronhis Time Machine and The Invisible Man are my favorites works from him.
05:51.19gn00bieI think I might have only read the abridged version of the invisible man IIRC
05:51.45gn00biethe time machine was pretty darn good, with the Elois and the Morlocks (IIRC)
05:52.59gn00bieif I had told you no to Verne and Wells, would you have ebayed me? :P
05:54.21TheRedBaronin a heartbeat
05:54.54gn00biewell, Valumzie does not no dumas, and if I did not know verne, that would have been the end of the world as  we know it
05:55.11ValumzieI do Dumas now ;)
05:55.58TheRedBarongn00bie: kierra & co have my C.S Signature classics :(
05:56.08TheRedBaronalthough they claim innocence
05:56.29gn00bieTheRedBaron: well, there is also a t-shirt that kierra and co. refuse to give up, right?
05:56.57TheRedBaroncomfiest shirt ever :(
05:58.26gn00biekierra runs atihgt shp though, I think that shirt is gone forever
05:58.55TheRedBarongn00bie: yes - i gave up hope on recovering that shirt :(
05:59.51gn00bieTheRedBaron: you could try and get rb2/3 to go on a dangerous recovery mission, but it may be in a landfill already
06:00.21gn00biethe worrying part is that kierra never confessed to the cold blooded elimination of a perfectly good shirt
06:00.43TheRedBaronthat is the worrying part
06:02.13gn00bienext time I get a chance, I will torture kierra in the car and see if she fesses up then
06:02.58ValumzieI remember my mother telling me I must have misplaced those things I liked and she hated....
06:03.44gn00bieValumzie: I am open to putting your mother in the car and scaring her too
06:03.49gn00biewill she get scared?
06:04.07Valumzieoh, she will!
06:04.11Valumziefaster than kierra
06:04.33gn00bieValumzie: oooooh, I did not know that
06:04.42Valumzieoh yes
06:04.59gn00biethough to be fair to kierra  - there was a lot of tail out stuff and she was screaming for a good reason
06:05.18TheRedBarongn00bie: the sad part is (about the book) is I keep looking in my house, in hopes of finding it.  But my house is not very big (as you have seen it) and I have yet to find it :(
06:05.19gn00biesee you should not have hidden your mom from me!
06:05.33gn00bieTheRedBaron: sometimes things just grow legs and walk
06:05.35Valumziegn00bie: she is still here until Saturday
06:05.42Valumziethen going close to Baltimore for two days
06:06.05gn00bieValumzie: maybe next time, I am in deep getting ready for DoDa mode
06:06.30ValumzieI kind of new I was safe ;)
06:06.49gn00biemaybe I do not even have to drive to scare her, maybe you can drive and scare her
06:07.22gn00biethough the GTO is a very different (and heavier) beast than your honda, just a much more meatier car, for good or for wrose
06:07.34TheRedBarongn00bie: 4 cylinders, 1.6L - very hard to scare people with :(
06:07.38Valumziegn00bie: I scared her today
06:07.43Valumziewith my dad rental car :P
06:08.30gn00bieTheRedBaron: the corners is where you can scare people with 1.6L
06:08.42TheRedBaroneven with FWD ?
06:08.58gn00bieValumzie: ooh, I sense a definite chance to recover your lost stuff, if a rental car scares her
06:09.08gn00biewe may even be able to do in just a straight line
06:09.33Valumziegn00bie: I am not joking when I say she is easily scared :)
06:09.44Valumzieshe is not a driver, so I think it makes things even funnier :)
06:11.09gn00bieoh I forgot that, you told me she does not even have a license
06:11.16gn00biethat makes it easy
06:11.26Valumzieyup :)
06:11.32gn00bienext time, please give me a 10 day advance notice
06:11.41gn00bieman, I should have scared her at your wedding
06:11.57gn00bieit is very seldom that you meet such easy to scare people
06:12.16gn00bieDoDa has also done maybe 50 miles of driving in her life, but she does not scream (much), she just prays
06:12.29gn00bieover an year of living with me, she is used to living dangerously
06:13.39Valumziesee, thats why I love DoDa :P
06:17.41gn00bieshe has lived her life in downtown naples, not much sense is driving there
06:18.08Valumzievery true
06:19.13Valumzieshe should also be used to italian driving
06:19.17Valumziewhich is pretty scary
06:22.15gn00bieoh she has driven just enough to get her license
06:22.33gn00bieand that is it, I tried to get her to drive the automatic corolla, and she did OK because it was auto
06:22.46gn00bieshe does not even try to drive a manual trans
06:23.54gn00bieand she turned 33 in October, imagine that :P
06:24.07gn00biein many ways my doda is like your mom (she is also blonde)
06:24.15Valumzienow now gn00bie
06:24.18Valumziebe nice to DoDa
06:24.49ValumzieI do love my mom; but I have asked TRB to hit me real hard the day I become too much like her...
06:25.08gn00bieI think I need to put your mom in the gn00bie scare-o-meter first
06:25.12gn00biethen we shall see :P
06:25.25gn00bieI don't remember how tall your mom is
06:25.42Valumziea lil taller than me
06:25.54Valumzieprobably 3 centimeters taller than me
06:25.56Valumziesomething like that
06:26.06gn00bieah ok, then my DoDa is safe, she is a little shorter than you and hence not like your mom
06:26.38ValumzieI am very relieved :)
06:27.41gn00bieever since I have had the orange car, DoDa has only been here for 20 days
06:27.50gn00bieso I have yet not had a chance to properly scare her
06:29.00Valumziecant wait for the Spring :)
06:29.41gn00biewell, to be honest I cannot either
06:29.49gn00bie6 weeks of winter weather is enough
06:32.46gn00biethere has been 33 inches of snow so far in the year
06:33.15Valumzievery nice :)
06:33.16gn00bieI take that back, 62.5 inches
06:33.30gn00biethat is more snow than you or my DoDa!
06:34.14gn00bie33 inches is in the last 4 days
06:34.37TheRedBaronheads to bed
06:36.29gn00bieputs TheRedBaron on the north pole
06:36.33gn00biesanta probably needs help
06:36.55Valumzienite nite gn00bie :)
06:37.12gn00bienite nite
08:17.22*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
09:42.03*** join/##kierra CBG (
11:35.28*** join/##kierra kierr1 (
11:35.29*** mode/##kierra [+o kierr1] by ChanServ
11:54.41kierrascreaming? gn00bie?
11:56.59kierrai let out ONE small (emphasis small) scream (and I hesitate to use scream as it connotes volume and mine was not loud)...exclamation of surprise is more like it....when you fishtailed on accelerating on that ramp
11:57.46kierradoesnt not have the faintest idea of what T-shirt trb is talking about......he should ask rb2
11:57.59kierramothers get blamed for everything
11:58.10kierracontemplates going on strike!
12:26.03*** join/##kierra dexter- (n=whodaman@bzflag/player/Dexter)
12:43.52Manu~blame kierra
12:43.53purlACTION blames kierra (and Canada) for all the evil in the world
13:18.33*** join/##kierra LongDon1 (
13:18.38*** part/##kierra LongDon1 (
13:21.10kierra~pinch Manu
13:21.11purlACTION scuttles after Manu, pinches him, and then scuttles away
13:25.08ManuMerry Christmas kierra
13:36.06kierraFeliz Navidad, mi amor
13:36.38Manukierra: ya estamos preparando las cosas para la nochebuena :)
13:39.04ndimFelices pascuas a todos.
13:39.31Manufelices fiestas ndim
13:51.12kierrathe cats!
13:51.56Manukierra: chikens... cats... yo have a farm ;)
13:52.02ValumzieHades did it
13:52.18Valumziecause Pandora is busy climbing up the tree right now
13:52.33kierraValumzie: are you guys coming for breakfast tomorrow
13:52.41kierrai just need to know for amount
13:53.24ValumzieI need to check with TRB, but I think we might be coming around 10am
13:54.38kierraok, bkft is 9 ish
13:54.47kierraopen gifts at 10am
13:55.05kierrac'mas dinner at 2pm
13:55.07Valumziebut Ill double check with him
13:56.51kierragift opening starts at 0930
13:57.46kierraTheRedBaron:  you have a stocking here that's got stuff in it :P
13:58.02kierraand a lump at the bottom.....don't know what that could be?????
13:59.11Valumziekierra: the Max.'s Christmas card was the best
13:59.45kierragoes to look
14:01.06ValumzieI dont know what they wrote to you, but to us: "We are just praying that Santa won't leave coal in your stockings. So try to be good." :D
14:20.37*** topic/##kierra by kierra -> Welcome: ||Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.|| Merry Christmas!! || ñ
14:27.50*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
14:37.29orangeho ho ho
14:40.53scottkierra: ^
14:44.28TheRedBaronphears scott's links
14:45.19scottTheRedBaron: proof that men can multitask
14:45.33TheRedBaronthat looks like the bbc.
14:45.59scottyeah, its the right accent for the bbc :)
14:50.14Valumzieso British men can multi task?
14:50.32TheRedBaronI still need confirmation from CBG
14:51.22TheRedBaronour resident british expert :P
14:51.24scottValumzie: and their colonies
14:53.20ndimI'd make gn00bie the resident british colonies expert, along with the canuckistan dwellers.
15:04.10CBGHey folks.
15:04.14CBGSup, TheRedBaron1
15:04.23TheRedBaronhowdy cbg :D
15:04.41orangehaha, great typo :-)
15:04.41CBGcan brits multitask?
15:04.48CBGorange: shush, greeny :P
15:04.51TheRedBaron~route orange
15:04.52purlACTION reboots orange's router 8 times in a row
15:05.26orangeCBG: you know TheRedBaron morphs into TheRedBaro1 frequently, right?
15:06.02orangeand he pre-emptively ~route'd me
15:06.33CBGI do :)
15:06.50orangeso I'm loving your typo
15:07.06orangeTheRedBaro1 an1 1 hav1 a1 understandin1
15:07.23TheRedBaronlol !
15:07.30orangeho ho ho
15:07.35TheRedBaroner - i mean: lol1
15:07.35CBGhi hi hi
15:07.46CBGI'm enjoying my first christmas present already!
15:07.55CBGIs kierra about? :)
15:10.09TheRedBaronI think so
15:21.07gn00biekierra: apropos - the scream, a. facts do not get in the way of a good story and b. Syd Barret Song - Scream thy last scream
15:23.16kierra~lart scott
15:23.16purlsqueezes scott till scott turns blue like papa smurf
15:23.29kierrashould learn not to click on scott's links
15:23.40scottaw cmon, you smiled
15:23.51kierralike that would really happen
15:24.02kierramen dont stand next to each other at urinals
15:24.34gn00biemen do not stand next to each other at urinals, that is true
15:24.54scottdepends how busy it is
15:25.26kierrathey will use the stall b4 standing next to each other
15:28.05kierrawas in the grocery store parking lot with no car clicker as she sets off her car alarm
15:28.21gn00biekierra: the new car?
15:28.29TheRedBaronkierra: I told you to phear links from scott
15:28.34kierragrrr to the child who took the key ring with the clicker
15:28.38gn00bieI don't think you can fit much in terms of grocery in a miata
15:28.44TheRedBaronkierra: we will use a stall or a corner
15:28.48kierrathe green car, gn00bie
15:29.02kierranot the miata
15:29.06gn00bieis the miata green? *goes to check*
15:29.13gn00bieah ok
15:29.14kierranope, miata is black
15:29.25CBGhey kierra
15:29.39kierrahello CBG ;)
15:29.42CBGmy friend with the bad ankle... is well again now.
15:29.51kierragood to hear!!!
15:29.59kierrawhat was final dx?
15:30.24CBGThe concoction of antibiotics, etc they gave him in hospital via a drip meant he was good enough to come hom and take the same stuff in tablets for a week
15:30.34CBGthere wasn't one that I am aware of
15:30.43CBGjust that the drugs worked so they sent him home...
15:30.54kierrahow long was he in the hosp?
15:30.54CBGI picked him up in a taxi etc
15:31.09CBGabout 5 days, iirc
15:31.18kierraTRB: Kevin Hynes called me the other day
15:31.27CBGIn on Sun, out on the Thurs
15:31.32kierrawow, 5 days of IV antibiotics
15:31.41CBGyeah, he hated that drip!
15:31.49kierrano small sickness
15:32.13gn00bieyou are a good friend cabbage
15:32.24CBGin return for the help he bought me a set of PC speakers for christmas and his parents left me a box of chocolates (I guess, haven't opened it yet) outside my door because they picked him up to take him home for christmas while I was at work on the weekend
15:32.26kierratrb: he couldnt believe you in the wedding pic
15:32.42kierrahow nice, CBG
15:32.53CBGgn00bie: when he described the pain as a nail gun shot through his foot.... I decided enough was enough
15:33.01CBGbut yes, these speakers are really nice :D
15:33.07CBGkarma? :)
15:33.25kierrayour wish is my command
15:33.29CBGnot what I meant, but thanks xD
15:33.52kierraI LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!
15:34.12CBGME TOO!!!!!
15:34.18kierrahad to get it out of my's been aching to get out
15:34.27CBGis wrapping atm!
15:34.31kierrastarted in my toes....worked it way up
15:34.53kierraIt's so easy to love everyone at Christmas
15:36.17CBGeven orange?!
15:36.32kierraoh, i love orange
15:36.53kierrathe biggest challenge to love here is scott ;)
15:40.06gn00bieis glad to know that I am not the biggest challenge
15:49.23gn00biekierra_away: now am I the biggest challenge to love around here?
16:31.59kierra_awaybye gn00biliscious
16:32.06kierra_awaydid scott go away mad?
16:32.52*** join/##kierra scott (
16:36.04*** join/##kierra Pimpi (
16:36.04*** mode/##kierra [+o Pimpi] by ChanServ
17:03.03scottmerry christmas mein bishes
17:03.09scottgoes home
17:15.53TheRedBaron~chase scott home
17:15.54purlACTION chases scott home
17:16.34TheRedBaronCBG: are you any good at wrapping?
17:52.16*** join/##kierra ViciousM (
17:54.35*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
18:19.46*** join/##kierra jh` (
18:21.46ndimhands SWIG to TheRedBaron to do proper wrapping
18:57.11CBGTheRedBaron: no expert, but I get by. :)
19:18.11*** join/##kierra longhair (
19:19.34jh`merry xmas
19:25.53TheRedBaronCBG:  I'm a horrible wrapping.
19:45.47mvironworkburies TheRedBaron
20:02.23*** join/##kierra kierra (
20:02.23*** mode/##kierra [+o kierra] by ChanServ
21:13.49*** join/##kierra LongDon2 (
21:35.08*** join/##kierra temp_dist (n=temp_dis@bzflag/serverop/TemporalDistraction)
22:41.31*** part/##kierra LongDon2 (
23:16.11*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
23:21.21*** join/##kierra kierra (
23:21.22*** mode/##kierra [+o kierra] by ChanServ
23:21.41CBGho ho hola
23:22.30CBGhugs kierra
23:23.08kierraty, CBG!
23:23.30jh`merry xmas
23:23.58CBGI deliberately stayed up until 5 am and slept for only 4 hours last night, so I would be tired tonight...
23:24.14CBG11:23pm and still wide awake.
23:24.34kierranot xmas, jh
23:24.38kierraits Christmas
23:24.55kierraand Merry Christmas to you, jh`
23:27.09jh`thank you so much kierra
23:53.02*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)

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