IRC log for ##kierra on 20080607

00:00.33Valumzieand dont pretend you are sleeping already! I wont believe that!
00:04.20TheRedBaroncatay never sleeps
00:04.48Valumziewake up catay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:05.24ValumzieYou are such the european version of a meno :P
00:05.31ValumzieI dont know why though
00:09.58TheRedBaronyou mean a european version of b00zy
00:10.00TheRedBaronmeno stays up late
00:10.17Valumziedont insult poor catay!!!!
00:10.22Valumziepoor guy
00:11.09Valumziewe dont have any european version of boozy!
00:11.18ValumzieEurope is a country made of normal people
00:20.53TheRedBaroncbg is playing counterstrike
00:21.27ValumzieCBG should be playing teamfortressII
00:21.46TheRedBaronCBG is going to shoot us for pinging him while he's gaming :)
00:22.14CBGsalright. i'm dieing a lot tonight.
00:22.38Valumziewhat a surprise to see you here CBG!
00:22.46Valumziego play teamfortress now :)
00:23.06Valumziethat way, I can hear you :D
00:23.16ValumzieI only hear boring american accent here
00:23.17TheRedBaronhe doesn't play with a mic :(
00:23.27Valumziebad CBG
00:23.29TheRedBaronhe's a bad CBG
00:23.42CBGwhy can you hear me on tf2 but no css? :P
00:24.02TheRedBarondoesn't have css
00:24.04Valumziebecause hubby does not play css :D
00:24.56*** join/##kierra kierr1 (
00:24.56*** mode/##kierra [+o kierr1] by ChanServ
00:25.05CBGyou'd play tf2 if I did, trb?
00:25.19Valumzieof course he would!
00:25.31Valumziehe loves that game :)
00:25.38Valumziehe loves it
00:25.41TheRedBaronI enjoy it :)
00:25.44CBGhe's done with the client?
00:25.47Valumzieeven though he is saying "enjoy it"
00:25.53ValumzieI shot them :D
00:26.03Valumzieis becoming a true Southerner
00:26.38TheRedBaronValumzie has tf2 also - she could play too!
00:27.28CBGok here we go
00:27.35TheRedBaronCBG: wait!
00:27.43CBGeven got my mic plugged into the pc especially for you two
00:27.45TheRedBaronfirst you have make Valumzie play
00:27.58ValumzieTheRedBaron is listening to the SPice Girls first :P
00:28.07CBG?!?!? Whut?
00:28.09kierr1what is tf2?
00:28.16CBGa really cool game, kierr1
00:28.38TheRedBaronam not! Valumzie is
00:29.43kierraTheRedBaron: that reminds me
00:29.53kierracould you check AA on our pc's
00:30.02kierrai couldnt get it to work
00:30.21kierranot now
00:30.26kierraon sunday maybe
00:30.39TheRedBaronbah cbg joined a full server
00:32.49CBGi joined the one quantum beep was on
00:33.15CBGyour on.. :)
00:37.18TheRedBaronyup configuring my sound
00:37.22TheRedBaronmic isn't working :(
00:37.59CBGcan you hear me?
00:41.41TheRedBaronwas disconnected due to idle :(
00:44.03TheRedBaronGonna rejoin
00:44.10TheRedBaronas soon as a slot opens up :)
00:49.00Birdiewhy do you struggle on that? aint there teamspeak?
00:49.14Birdiethe zeebrothersthing
00:49.24TheRedBaronit wasn't the game's problem - it was my soundcard
00:49.28CBGwhy do we need teamspeak when tf2 has built in chat?
00:49.29TheRedBaronwasn't recognizing my mic
00:54.30*** join/##kierra AHA (n=aha@unaffiliated/aha)
01:14.47*** join/##kierra Flash (
01:21.18TheRedBaronthese medics are idiots
01:21.33ValumzieI keep dying :(
01:26.06CBGyou're playing too?
01:26.10CBGwhat's your name, Valumzie?
01:26.48TheRedBaronno she's playing AA - tf2 scares her she says.  its too fast - but she won't believe me when i tell her she could be a great medic
01:27.48CBGgonna come blue with me TheRedBaron?
01:27.48Valumziethe game is far too fast for me
01:27.58TheRedBaronsure - didn't know you were blue
01:28.01Birdiemedics, you aint gonna tell me its a thing like "ET"?
01:28.06Birdieor what was that game again
01:28.08Birdie"need a medic"
01:28.20CBGmany games are "like that"
01:28.28Birdielet me think of the name
01:28.32Birdiebrad used to play it
01:28.37CBGenemy territory
01:28.54Birdiejust found it
01:28.56Birdiesomething like that?
01:29.00Birdiei never got that game
01:29.04Birdieneither how to play it
01:29.34CBGdunno what's hard to get about classes
01:34.45TheRedBaronbah too many blues
01:35.50TheRedBaronwon't let me :(
01:48.21TheRedBaronwe failed
01:53.27*** join/##kierra mviron (
01:54.10Valumzieshake and shout
01:54.15Valumziethats what they are teaching me :P
01:55.21mvironsends Valumzie 2,000 gallons of water
01:59.03TheRedBaronuses it to water mviron's lawn
02:13.28*** join/##kierra kierra (
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02:14.49kierra~poke Winny
02:14.50purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind Winny, pokes Winny repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
02:43.02Valumziecheeze, oh how do I hate roaches :P
02:52.32*** join/##kierra mviron-away (
04:33.44mviron-awayhugs kierra
05:27.19*** join/##kierra jh` (
06:27.05*** join/##kierra Gilly (n=btw@
07:35.37ndimCBG: You could develop an AI to play foosball against, if it doesn't work out with your buddies. That could also take care of a few course requirements.
07:59.35*** join/##kierra Upsetter (
08:18.12gn00biemorning ndim
08:18.34gn00bieGTO just went sideways through a sharp corner at 60 kph :) throttle steered through it
08:18.39gn00biebald rear tyres ++
08:21.09ndimpulls out the big fat "MAD" stamp and marks gn00bie's forehead.
08:21.45gn00biethanks :)
08:21.54gn00bieit is my Indian genes, all Indians are given to hoonage
08:23.38gn00bieand top gear recommends powersliding this car, though not on public roads
08:24.41gn00biea friend of mine wanted me to check if car was ok, and started complaining that I am driving it too hard
08:25.48gn00bieso I put him the GTO, took a freeway exit at 80 kph in and 100 kph out in third gear (3400 to 4200 rpm) braked a little bit for the traffic lights that turned green shifted into second at 4000 rpm and took the right hand turn
08:26.24ndimOn the way back from the garage on tuesday, I took the scenic route, trying to drive in the 70..80kph range to keep the fuel consumption down (as long as there are no other cards that speed provokes to overtake).
08:26.50gn00bie80 kph appears to be the best speed for most cars
08:26.59ndim70kph in this one.
08:27.21ndimThe day's average decreased below 10.0liters/100km, but when it reached 9.7, I could not stand it any more and had to accelerate.
08:27.45ndimMy father once drove the thing across the Black Forest with a 7.7l/100km average.
08:28.06ndimThose are Diesel numbers, with a gas car.
08:28.14gn00bie80 kph in 6th is 1450 rpm, leads to a near steady 8L/100km
08:28.36gn00bieyour dad is very skilled driver then!
08:29.02gn00bieis he given to sudden attacks of hoonage like me?
08:29.04ndimHe likes to not see red lights or other pesky annoyances the law says you must care about.
08:29.19gn00bieoh - selective skill
08:30.33gn00biethis merc is an automatic, right?
08:30.47ndimThat was the initial reason to buy it.
08:30.54gn00bieso that is good for another 0.4 l/100 km
08:31.00gn00bievs the manual
08:31.14ndimPressing the clutch pedal was difficult for dad's bad back.
08:31.34gn00bieyeah, I can see why that would change the buying decision
08:32.13gn00bie5 speed auto probably, the WA580 tranny
08:32.22ndim5 speed, yes.
08:32.32ndimThe 6/7 came later.
08:33.06ndimThat means I urgently need to drive a stick shift some time soon. I have not driven one since 2001, and am probably about to forget how to do that.
08:33.42gn00biethe 7 is not bulletproof like the 5 is though
08:33.59gn00biethe 5 sees duty behind 425 hp cars with AWD
08:34.15ndimNot our ballpark.
08:34.22gn00bienah, driving a stick is like ridiing a bike, the skill never goes away
08:34.24ndim176hp, RWD
08:35.00gn00bieso if it is happy behind 425 HP and AWD, it is likely going to live on forever at your levels
08:35.14gn00bieand that is a good thing, unless there is utter neglect like never doing a transmission flush
08:35.32ndimflush? oil change?
08:36.03gn00bieat 100,000 km, the WA580 likes a transmission flush if it sees winter conditions and high load situations
08:36.16ndimWhen they offered me a car while the Merc was in the garage, I was so tempted to ask for an Unimog.
08:36.38gn00bieyou would have gotten dirty looks and no unimog
08:37.07ndimWell, I would have gotten the Unimog dirty, that's for sure.
08:37.21gn00bieassuming you would have gotten a unimog
08:38.00ndimThe car is at 95Mm now, and the onboard diagnosis wants the next big service level in another 17Mm.
08:39.17ndimSometimes I think about all the nice things I'd like to do with a car, such as use up the tyres on the Nürburgring, or stuff like that.
08:39.31ndimI guess fuel prices will never be this low again.
08:40.14gn00biewell, depends on definition of low ;)
08:40.14ndim(at something like 8.5 USD/gallon currently)
08:40.30ndimI doubt it will go down significantly ever.
08:40.36gn00bieI think that 20/30 years from now, fuel prices may come back down if we can reduce consumption
08:41.09gn00biei.e. conserve, go electric for transport - fed by a nuclear grid
08:41.37ndimGo smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic vehicles for transport.
08:42.04ndimIt is insane to have 1000 to 1500kg of metal to transport 100..200kg of human.
08:42.39gn00biewell, lotus shows that it is possible to do a car with conventional materials and less than 1000 kg
08:42.41ndimA bicycle can do a similar job in many situations at 15..20kg of metal.
08:43.05gn00biea la netherlands
08:43.08ndimThat is 100 times less.
08:43.30gn00bieok then, time to sleep before kierra wakes up
08:43.38gn00biethough I suspect she is up already
08:43.39ndimGood night, gn00bie.
08:43.49gn00bieguten abend
08:43.59ndimGute Nacht
08:44.04gn00bieor in your case, guten tag, noon in a bit
10:22.48kierra~wake gn00bie
10:22.52purlACTION throws a barrel-full of ice water on gn00bie and shouts "GOOD MORNING!!!!"
10:35.31ndimmorning kierra
10:35.49ndim38 minutes is not MY idea of a good night's sleep
10:36.32ndimI'd say it is time that gn00bie gets his DoDA back. This going-to-bed-in-the-morning thing is getting out of hand.
10:57.03kierraso true
10:57.17kierrahe is burning the candle at both ends
10:58.03kierra~tea Manu, ndim
10:58.03purlACTION realizes it's time for high tea and gets busy in the kitchen.  He brings out tea, crumpets, scones and an assortment of delectable goodies and serves them properly to Manu, ndim and others
11:01.55Manubuenos días kierra :)
11:02.05Manu~coffee kierra
11:02.06purlACTION steals some of mvironwork's special coffee and gives it to kierra on a silver platter.
11:03.02kierrabuenos dias Manu
11:17.35ndimfresh strawberries FTW!
11:40.55Birdiehmmm strawberries
11:42.39ndimLocal ones, of course.
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11:51.58*** join/##kierra whodaman- (n=whodaman@pdpc/supporter/student/whodaman-)
11:58.41*** join/##kierra CBG (
12:14.50ndimROTFL (if you understand German):
12:45.49*** join/##kierra Admirarch (
13:11.42kierragn00bie is awake already?!?!?!?!?!?!
13:12.59ndimkierra: I don't think so, but I guess he'll read backlog.
13:13.15ndimAnd even if he does not - I can then scroll back to here and copy it.
13:21.52ndimAnd I'm really looking forward to next week's Top Gear episode!
13:30.37*** join/##kierra think_tank (n=think_ta@unaffiliated/thinktank/x-168245)
14:14.23Birdiethey gonna give top gear on belgian television soon
15:04.43ndimI hope they won't broadcast it on German TV.
15:05.07ndimAs far as I know those idiots at German TV, they will film it again with the lamest German TV heads they can find.
15:06.39ndimThen they will broadcast one episode, notice that they had 100000 viewers at the start and about 3 at the end (the 3 most battle-hardened of brave TV critics), and bury the project.
15:42.01Birdiethey will propably dub it?
15:42.04Birdiein germany?
15:56.54ndimBirdie: That would be bad enough.
15:57.07ndimBirdie: But look at what they did to the "IT Crowd".
15:57.38ndimThey re-shot the whole thing with bad actors and a bad script of badly translated jokes.
15:58.12Birdiefrance and germany always do that:)
15:58.19Birdieitaly also , spain if i'm not mistaken too:s
16:29.41TheRedBaronlikes the 1000-1500kg of metal to protect his meager 68kg
16:31.09Valumziesoccer time!
16:31.20Valumziesighs and goes to work
16:40.18*** join/##kierra AHA (n=aha@unaffiliated/aha)
16:43.09Birdiestill 0 0
16:44.32Birdieand frei has pain
16:44.43Birdieugly situation, hopefully he isnt hurt
16:46.34whodaman-looks bad
16:47.38Birdieyea over for him
16:47.38Birdiei fear for the whole championship
16:49.26whodaman-aww, he's' crying :/
16:49.43Birdieyea its over for him
16:49.55Birdieits one of the best player from switserland
16:50.17whodaman-the best IMO
16:59.21Valumziefrei is out?!
17:05.10gn00biendim: I am awake now :)
17:06.54gn00bie3,000 ps rolling down a road ... wow
17:11.21Birdiesanderos is very good also:)
17:11.49Birdiewhere does frei play?
17:13.46Birdieswitserland is pressing!
17:16.32mvironsends Birdie to switzerland
17:17.00Birdieyellow card!
17:17.06whodaman-Birdie, Dortmund
17:17.13whodaman-sanderos is okay
17:17.28Birdieloook, goal
17:17.43Birdieooh almost:)
17:22.25mvironsends Birdie 2 slices of pizza
17:22.47Birdieloves pizza
17:23.44Birdieooh big chance switserland
17:27.08mvironhopes birdie doesn't take the whole thing
17:27.12TheRedBaronyay for Birdie cheering for switzerland
17:27.22mvironzaps TheRedBaron
17:27.25ValumzieMagnin is good too :)
17:27.30whodaman-eww n
17:27.34whodaman-Stuttgart ftl
17:27.34Birdiehe is
17:27.45Birdiei must say, my bets werent on switserland this match:s
17:27.50Birdieand if switserland wins i loose a beer(
17:27.59Valumzieare they playing good Birdie?
17:28.07Valumziecause reading the comments do not really tell me about it :)
17:28.09Birdiethey are better than tjsechie
17:28.11mvironsends Birdie a keg to replace the beer
17:28.15Birdiein my opinion
17:28.28Birdieand oi goal
17:28.32Birdiefor tsjechie
17:28.36Birdiesry valumz:(
17:28.40Birdiejust happened when you asked about it
17:28.50Valumzieits ok :)
17:28.52whodaman-YES YES
17:28.54whodaman-I WIN MONEY
17:29.14Birdiei win the beer:)
17:29.27TheRedBaronbad Birdie
17:29.37Birdieswitserland was the best team in second half
17:29.40Valumzieis Magnin the replacing captain?
17:29.48Valumzieits not over yet :)
17:29.53Birdiehe is playing well
17:29.55whodaman-hopefully it stays like this
17:29.58Birdiedefending + attacking
17:33.18Birdielichtsteiner out, volanthen in
17:37.47Birdielol what a chance for switserland
17:37.53Birdieyou cant have more bac luck:)
17:45.03*** join/##kierra TheRedBaron (n=kemhof@
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17:57.33*** part/##kierra Valumzie (n=Valumz@
18:03.00whodaman-I get points
18:07.49*** join/##kierra Valumzie (n=val@
18:07.50*** mode/##kierra [+o Valumzie] by ChanServ
18:12.00Valumzie~lart menotume
18:12.00purljudo chops menotume
18:12.09Valumziejust checking that i was connected :P
18:12.19Valumziegoes mow the lawn now
18:13.08mvirontucks Valumzie in and sends whodaman- to mow the lawn
18:14.13whodaman-hugs mviron
18:14.15whodaman-how are ya?
18:14.15purlwhodaman-: you know how it is...
18:15.22*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
18:29.48Flashinvites Valumzie to mow his lawn
18:40.38*** join/##kierra LongDon (
18:41.35*** part/##kierra LongDon (
18:42.47gn00bieFlash: I invite you to .. ermm.. ok, cannot think of anything
18:47.13ValumzieFlash: Ill gladly mow our lawn :)
18:47.16ValumzieI enjoy it a lot :)
19:11.01whodaman-I get more money
19:17.56gn00bieshower and clean undies check
19:18.25gn00bie~weather KSYR
19:18.46gn00bierelatively hot and relatively humid
19:30.56gn00bieok then
19:31.03gn00bietime to run some errands
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19:43.10*** join/##kierra Flash (n=jwmelto@unaffiliated/flash) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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19:48.26*** join/##kierra Flash (n=jwmelto@unaffiliated/flash) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:48.26*** mode/##kierra [+o menotume] by
19:49.04Flashgn00bie: I just had a physical, so "clean undies check" has a whole other meaning
19:49.15Flash"clean undies check, turn your head and cough"
19:54.26*** join/##kierra menotume (n=menotume@pdpc/supporter/active/menotume) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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20:44.07*** join/##kierra kierra (
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20:49.05kierra~ice menotume
20:49.06purlACTION sneaks up behind menotume and dumps an entire bucket of ice on top of them
20:49.21*** join/##kierra Valumzie (n=val@
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21:00.23*** join/##kierra [suaven] (
21:01.15whodaman-ty kierra
21:05.56whodaman-kierra, OMG
21:05.59whodaman-he's on dub
21:06.00whodaman-and teamkilling
21:06.02whodaman-and spamming
21:06.04whodaman-get yo sons
21:06.09whodaman-or ban him yourself
21:06.17whodaman-dub: 54
21:07.00whodaman-so he starts to cap ours
21:07.03whodaman-and I kill him
21:07.05whodaman-he poll bans me
21:08.53*** join/##kierra menotume (n=menotume@pdpc/supporter/active/menotume) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
21:08.53*** mode/##kierra [+o menotume] by
21:14.11kierraTheRedBaron: i need you on quol 57
21:14.24kierrabasecamper agin
21:34.11whodaman-kierra, he's not admin, is he?
21:39.13kierraTRB is, isnt he?
21:40.39whodaman-not anymore, AFAIK
21:48.44whodaman-kierra, ping
21:53.25whodaman-~poke kierra
21:53.27purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind kierra, pokes kierra repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
21:55.01Valumziekierra: trb is working on Og
21:57.59kierrapong whodaman-
21:58.05kierraok, val
21:58.23kierrawhere is there a list of who is gu admin?
22:00.01whodaman-kierra, any sons there?
22:00.03whodaman-rb2, rb3?
22:01.23kierrathey are in the shower
22:01.29kierranessie is shopping
22:02.11Valumziea shower sounds good
22:02.21ValumzieIm covered with dirt and things from working in the yard :P
22:02.36Valumzieruns away and goes streaking in the neighborhood, looking for a water system :D
22:04.06CBGrb2 and rb3 shower together? :P
22:27.14Valumziecooking time!
22:27.25ValumzieIm so glad the neighbors had their water system running
22:27.29Valumziewas a good shower
22:27.49Valumzieand then I had to run back home very quickly so I am all dry
22:28.04Valumzieliving in the South is so much fun :P
22:28.16Valumziecatay: now I shall go hunt a few squirrels for dinner
22:28.25Valumzieits TheRedBaron favorite dish at the moment
22:32.21mvironhugs kierra
23:00.33*** join/##kierra totte_ (
23:15.28*** join/##kierra kierr1 (
23:15.28*** mode/##kierra [+o kierr1] by ChanServ
23:42.28kierra~rubberband Winny
23:42.28purlACTION sneaks around the house, yard and town, collecting every rubberband there is, and then camps at a prime location, waiting for Winny to walk by so he can pelt Winny with thousands and thousands of rubberbands
23:42.32kierra~lart Winny
23:42.32purltakes a rusty axe and swings it violently, taking Winny's head off
23:42.43kierra~pinch Winny
23:42.44purlACTION scuttles after Winny, pinches him, and then scuttles away
23:44.07gn00biefor 19:40  * purl takes a rusty axe and swings it violently, taking Winny's head off
23:45.00gn00bieis panting like a dog
23:45.07gn00bieturns the AC on full blast
23:55.51*** join/##kierra Valumzie_ (n=val@
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