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00:04.04kierra_awayViciousM: ping
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02:39.22gn00biehopeless amounts of lag
02:40.00gn00biethis dsl is a dialup simulator!
02:43.50gn00bieo man
02:43.54gn00bie90+ second lag
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17:34.35kierraorange, I 'm going to change my name
17:35.13kierrathis dog!
17:35.42kierrahe's biting the hand that feeds him!
17:35.50kierranot literally
17:37.40ndim* kierra is now known as TheFuriousOne
17:40.27gn00bie~ kierra is now known as shakierra
17:40.27purl...but kierra is already something else...
17:40.40gn00biebut you get the point :D
17:40.43purli heard kierra is The mother who spawned the infamous barons.... and is all together sweet and cute aside of that.
17:42.04gn00bieI learned a lesson today
17:42.23gn00biejust because there is no snow in your city since the last 15 days, does not mean the same holds true for hills south of the city
17:42.51ndimGTO in the ditch?
17:42.53gn00biewent for what was planned to be a 14km hike with 700 m ascent (and descent), had to give up after 2 km and 200m ascent because of wet feet
17:43.09gn00bieno, GTO was parked at the trailhead
17:43.12ndimwet feet? Put on a pair of shoes next time.
17:43.48gn00bieyes, but the shoes were not meant to hike in 6 inches of snow :( I wore my normal springtime hiking boots thinking no snow
17:43.54ndim700m ascent in one stretch?
17:44.23gn00bieso get up at 6:30, start hiking at 8:30 and then have to ditch and return to the car at 10:30, it sucks
17:44.28ndimwatertight trousers or at least some wrappers around the lower legs are quite convenient.
17:45.07orangekierra: so no substantial progress with the dog?
17:45.17ndimPlastic bags and a little duct tape should do the job, if in a bind...
17:45.20gn00biendim: no, 200 up, 150 down in first 4 km, 6 km of rolling hills with minor grade maybe 100 m up and down , last 4 km has 400 m ascent and then 400 m descent
17:45.45ndimgn00bie: Ah, OK. Kind of like our height profiles around here :)
17:45.59gn00biendim: yeah, purchased wrappers (called gators around here) on the way back to home from the shopping mall
17:46.22gn00biendim: it is a nice day hike, you would like it I think
17:46.39ndimI was not aware that "gator" was a common word for that. I have read that in some catalog or other.
17:46.56ndim14km is a little short for a day hike :)
17:47.46ndimAround here, the valleys are between 200m and 400m ASL, and the terrain between the valleys between 400m and 600m.
17:48.21ndimUnless you go more than one valley to the west. There, the terrain starts climbing to 800m ASL, and after the next valley it goes almost up to 1000m.
17:48.21gn00bieyeah, only takes about 6 to 7 hours total
17:48.56gn00biegator is a pretty common word for it, there is a brand that calls itself crocs :D
17:49.07ndimAnd after the next valley, it goes up to the highest peak of the Northern Black Forest with 1100 something meters ASL.
17:49.23gn00biehighest peak in NYS is the Whiteface I think
17:50.38ndimMy last tour started with a bus ride two valleys west. I started in the valley at around 300m, then climbed out of it to about 600m, got down into the next one at about 390m, and then walked up that valley home (420m). 20km in total, half a day.
17:51.16gn00biendim: when we go hiking, it is a bunch of people from work with varying fitness levels
17:51.32ndimHighest peak in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg is the Feldberg in the Southern Black Forest at almost 1500m ASL.
17:51.34gn00biethe oldest guy is 78 year old, but he is very very fit for his age
17:52.02ndimI'm thinking about what to do on monday, and possibly tomorrow.
17:52.08ndim~weather EDDS
17:52.38ndimTemps around freezing, and possibly a foot of snow above 600m...
17:53.00gn00bieI like about a 1.5 km drive from
17:53.14kierraorange: he does great sometimes
17:53.19kierramost times actually
17:53.32gn00biedoes he get an eye patch like a real pirate?
17:53.45kierrahe's going outside today....underground fence
17:53.52kierrainvisible fence?
17:54.12orangekierra: those are interesting... I've come close to getting one several times, and never did
17:54.25orangecost is usually what held me back... and concerns over irrigation systems :-)
17:54.49ndimgn00bie: Lately, I've been mostly using the bus to the west (to Calw, where Hermann Hesse was born and grew up), and then walked back home about 20km.
17:54.50orangetraining them young is crucial, for bigger dogs
17:55.23gn00biendim: no buses in america, sadly
17:55.40orangegn00bie: I wouldn't go that far :-)
17:55.50orangeno buses you want to ride, perhaps
17:55.53gn00bieso you have to either plan your hike as a loop, or have a few cars, so that some park at the start, and some park at the end
17:56.10gn00bieorange: not in upstate NY if you are looking to get to a trailhead :D
17:56.50orangewell, that's a different statement ;-)
17:56.55gn00biekierra: give him an eye patch, and  a hook like a real pirate, give him some rum, and I am sure Pirate will be good
17:57.10gn00bieorange: :P
17:57.23ndimThen he'll not only defecate everywhere, but vomit as well.
17:57.54kierraorange, we had one with seiko, our other dog
17:58.02kierrajust had to invest in a smaller collar
17:58.06ndimThe bus just goes 20km to the west. I can also take the train. The train goes about 30km east, 30km north, 60km west, and 20km south, and arrives at about the same place a few hours later.
17:58.24orangekierra: that helps
17:58.29gn00bieroflmao, take the train next time
17:58.40gn00bieI love dogs, I think they are very tasty
17:58.40kierrano more mess in the patio :)
18:01.03orangethat's the easy way out
18:01.54ndimgn00bie: Interestingly, if the 666 bus is in service, I can use it to get rid of the first 3 train legs.
18:02.11ndimThe very 666 bus which goes from here to whodaman :)
18:02.51gn00bie666 is an interesting number for a bus for sure
18:04.26ndimI think they have a state wide bus number system in place.
18:05.31ndim~weather KSLK
18:05.57ndimI should start with longer tours.
18:07.04ndimGet used to 30km+ again.
18:07.50ndimUnfortunately, I like walking east, because then I have sun, wind, rain, and cold mostly in the back.
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21:52.29ndimHmm... what if I made small packages of iron oxide and aluminum as fire starters?
21:52.51ndimA little bit of molen iron should be enough to incinerate even moist branches...
21:54.16ndimI tried my magnesium starter this afternoon. You use a knife to shave shavings off a block of magnesium, and then ignite the shavings with a sparking thing.
21:54.58ndimThe problem is twofold: a) The shavings fly everywhere on their own. b) The shavings are carried away by even the slightest breeze of wind.
21:55.17ndimErgo: I need another way to start a fire.
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