IRC log for ##kierra on 20080218

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01:11.50kierra~tickle Winny
01:11.50purlACTION jumps on Winny, yelling "TICKLE FIGHT!!!!"
01:23.43kierraquestion winny
01:23.57kierraok, forget it
01:24.02Winnywhat is it :)
01:34.56kierra~smack Winny
01:34.56purlACTION smacks Winny upside the head.
01:35.17kierrajust rattling your brains a lil
01:35.52kierranah, not drops, goes up.....increases the circulation
01:36.03Winnysuure Lo
01:37.53Winnythat explains some things about the barons :p
01:44.58kierrathey are all rather smart kids :)
01:45.06kierrathey get it from their father
01:45.26kierraof course, I was valedictorian both senior years in high school
01:50.19*** topic/##kierra by kierra -> Welcome :) : ||“A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.|| “The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen” ||“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”
01:50.32kierradoes that mean you believe me, Winny?
01:50.58Winnycould be
01:51.24kierraBOTH senior years in high school?????
01:51.45kierrajk there
01:51.47Winnycould have been really smart but not gotten enough community service hours :p
01:52.13kierrai was valedictorian of my nursing school class instead
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03:34.58menotumeall three times kierra ?
03:40.43orange~lart menotume
03:40.43purlputs menotume into a headlock and administers a mighty noogie, rubbing half of menotume's hair of
03:41.43menotumebut but
03:41.50menotumehalf is already gone :P
03:42.09menotumeit's ok, she's mad at me anyway
03:42.13menotumei called her a camper
03:42.41menotumecause she was camping :)
03:42.46menotumeand she denied it
04:06.06orangewhat a cruel thing to say :)
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10:12.12ndim~lart ndim's toe
10:12.12purlcats /dev/urandom into ndim's toe's ear
11:01.16*** join/##kierra ViciousM (
11:17.29ndim~lart ndim's toe
11:17.30purlshoots ndim's toe in his sleep
11:27.00Gillywhat's wrong with your toe?
11:27.29ndim~lart ndim's toe
11:27.29purltakes a rusty axe and swings it violently, taking ndim's toe's head off
11:27.48ndimHah. That might actually help.
11:28.28ndimGilly: "Hurts". You probably don't want to know the details.
11:29.35GillyOk .. :)
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11:59.21kierra~wake menotume
11:59.21purlACTION throws a barrel-full of ice water on menotume and shouts "GOOD MORNING!!!!"
11:59.28kierra~poke menotume
11:59.29purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind menotume, pokes menotume repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
11:59.35kierra~tickle menotume
11:59.36purlACTION jumps on menotume, yelling "TICKLE FIGHT!!!!"
12:00.02kierra~lart orange
12:00.02purlforces orange to use Outlook Express
12:00.13kierra~tea manu & mviron
12:00.13purlACTION realizes it's time for high tea and gets busy in the kitchen.  He brings out tea, crumpets, scones and an assortment of delectable goodies and serves them properly to manu & mviron and others
12:02.36Manubuenos días kierra !!! :)
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12:42.35kierrahola manu
12:45.12whodaman~wake menotume
12:45.13purlACTION throws a barrel-full of ice water on menotume and shouts "GOOD MORNING!!!!"
12:53.16kierraoh my, I made the best pancakes this morning!!!
12:53.21kierraif I do say so myself!
12:55.16catayshow off! :p
12:55.28kierraare you off today, catay?
12:55.34kierrano I'm not
12:56.17catayI will try them in Sept :p
12:56.35kierraand you will see!
12:56.44kierrai'm famous in tally for my pancakes
12:57.42catayi'll keep the number of the nearest hospital close :P
12:57.46ndim"Oh no, she's making pancakes again! EVACUATE THE CITY!"
12:58.23kierrawhatever, you guys
12:58.34kierraare you taking meaness lessons from menotume?????
12:58.47cataykierra: jk , i'm sure they are delicious :p
12:59.27kierrai know, catay ;)
12:59.32ndimI don't have any doubts about that either. essay?
13:00.27kierracu from there
13:03.52*** topic/##kierra by kierra -> Welcome :) : ||“A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.|| “The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen” ||“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”|| Happy Birthday, hiya!
13:27.40Winny~bonk kierra_away
13:27.52purlACTION bonks kierra_away over the head
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16:39.33moriah~poke Winny
16:39.34purlACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind Winny, pokes Winny repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
16:45.35*** join/##kierra Dessy2 (
16:52.05Winny~eat moriah
16:52.05purlThat's too disgusting.
16:52.05orangeTheRedBaron: getting nervous yet?
16:52.37TheRedBaronorange: nope
16:52.54TheRedBarononly one of us is allowed to get nervous - and thats her :)
16:56.05moriahoh my, just like your father!!!!!
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18:22.16*** join/##kierra LongDon (
18:26.32moriahhi longdon
18:28.48LongDonhi k
18:30.32whodamanmenotume, poke
18:31.03whodamanLongDon, match maybe?
18:42.08TheRedBaronwhere are where is meno? :)
18:42.16TheRedBaron*where oh where*
18:42.49TheRedBaronmenotume: ingy pingy
18:43.11orangewonder why that didn't work
18:43.17oranges/didn't/did not/
18:43.23orangeoh well, maybe it times out
18:43.38orangeargh, late lunch
18:50.07moriahmeno was asking me where you've been all weekend, TheRedBaron
18:50.17moriahearly this morning that is
18:51.14TheRedBaronyea that sounds good
18:51.19TheRedBaronmenotume: i was 'working' :P
18:52.19*** join/##kierra Grumpfy (n=Grumpf@about/essy/Happy/Grumpfy)
18:56.04gn00bieclean undies check
18:58.10gn00biemice! need to iron a shirt
19:01.16TheRedBaroni think the ragged rumpled look is still in...
19:03.00gn00bienot on mondays :D
19:04.29gn00bieput TrB's advice to good use in less than 2 weeks from now
19:04.36gn00biethe ragged rumpled look that is
19:04.51TheRedBaronYou can!
19:05.12gn00bie:P why is that?
19:05.58gn00bieshirt check
19:06.00gn00biecufflinks chec
19:06.04gn00biecheck i.e.
19:06.04TheRedBaronMy life has been threatened should I show up ragged and rumpled, Late, or with the oft threatened to Hat and Cane :D
19:06.20Winnygn00bie, can I have a pair of clean undies?
19:06.27gn00bieWinny: sure
19:06.44gn00bieno, no, I am going to show up ragged and rumpled
19:07.28TheRedBarongn00bie: Perfectly fine with me :D
19:07.46gn00bieand I will ~blame you in case someone asks
19:07.48WinnyTheRedBaron, you're beating me.. I'm still in my PJs :p
19:08.10TheRedBaronbut again - threats on my life do tend to damper my enthusiasm :)
19:08.15gn00bieWinny: at your age, I was always in my Jammies
19:10.28gn00bieand now, before my boss has to seek therapy because of me
19:10.30purlACTION shakes his booty all over town
19:10.45purlSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
19:11.10moriahTRB, tell them Mr Vic's suggestion on undies
19:13.20TheRedBaronneed only 1 pair of undies for 5 days
19:13.32TheRedBaronday one: wear em regularly
19:13.45TheRedBaronday two: switch the front to the back
19:13.55TheRedBaronday three: turn em inside out and wear them regularly
19:14.04TheRedBaronday 4: switch the front to the back
19:14.20TheRedBaronday five: go commando or borrow a buddy's pair of undies
19:14.40TheRedBaronAdvise from a Former Air force pilot :)
19:17.08ndimOh, them.
19:17.25ndimThey'd probably borrow the buddy's undies with the buddy still in them...
19:18.07TheRedBaronIn America - the army = Ain't Real Marines Yet
19:21.07ndimMy guess is that is what the Marines say :)
19:23.12moriah~wake menotume
19:23.13purlACTION throws a barrel-full of ice water on menotume and shouts "GOOD MORNING!!!!"
19:25.40ndimHmm. Yummy:
19:30.09*** part/##kierra moriah (n=d8ada652@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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21:22.27cataymoriah: :P
21:30.11moriah:p CATAY
21:30.19moriah~tickle Winny
21:30.19purlACTION jumps on Winny, yelling "TICKLE FIGHT!!!!"
21:30.33moriahhi catay
21:34.50catayoh hi moriah :P
21:35.29catayhey berdie
22:22.42moriah~TEA mviron
22:22.43purlACTION realizes it's time for high tea and gets busy in the kitchen.  He brings out tea, crumpets, scones and an assortment of delectable goodies and serves them properly to mviron and others
22:35.29moriahheading home
22:55.43*** join/##kierra Dessy2 (

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